Character Sketch Challenge #19: Lunch Lady


Character Sketch Challenge #19: Zany Lunch Lady Serving Gruul….

Every other week, we accept a challenge from one of the Webcomic Community’s biggest supporters – Todd McElmurry. Todd has brought us challenges such as BBQ Disaster, Christmas in July, Dummies for Dummies and a whole lot more. Today’s challenge is

“Zany Lunch Lady Serving Gruul”…

 Let’s see what the Webcomic Alliance “artists” come up with – then we’ll see Todd’s response. Think you can answer the challenge? Link to yours below in the comment section!!


Webcomic Alliance “artists”:

No GLOOP for you!

Monday thru Thursday Stew: All the rests from the week in the bowl, yummy!

most of the food DID taste like Slimer's left buttock.


Todd’s Response!

Grade F Meat never tasted so fine as when Flo made it.

You’ve seen ours, you’ve seen Todd’s – what’s your take?  Link to yours in comments below.


Readers that have accepted the Challenge:

Submitted by Michael Phelps -

Submitted by Raymond Betancourt -

Submitted by Jeremy Bently -

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  1. These are awesome guys.

    Ken, Love the “I Feed the Animals” apron. Really sets the mood for how she must feel about those ungrateful kiddo’s always asking “Is this meat or soup?”

    Antoine, The ashes are her secret sauce, that and the occasional facial hair that makes it’s way in. Love the bone sticking out, sure hope that’s chicken. 🙂

    Dawn, Slimer! Awesome!! Slimer Rumpus is a delicacy in some parts right? You always amaze me with the details of your characters. Love the over the shoulder glare of your lunch lady.

    • Awesome job Michael. Man I wish I ate at your school growing up. Sure I would have probably died of food poisoning, but man what a way to go. 🙂

  2. This was a fun one – thanks to Todd for the challenge – and so far only Michael has stepped up… HMMM!!!

    Antoine’s made me nauseous and you’re right Todd – Dawn’s perspective in hers is awesome. Todd nice work on yours too. Yours may be the most realistic of the bunch!

    Michael, where is your high school and are they still there?

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