Coloring and Inking Tips in Illustrator

Hey guys! I did me a little video which you could piggyback off of Dawn’s great Digital Techniques series.

I discuss some of the pros for drawing in Illustrator: clean lines, editability and the vector-based format, in addition to showing you some techniques such as layer effects, masking, shortcuts, and templates. I didn’t get to talk about exporting for the web in the video, so I’ve added some screen shots and an explanation below.

It’s a little long at 19+ minutes, but I’m hoping I shared some pretty good tips. I’ll be getting into more detail on each of these to carry on the theme.

Here is a screen shot of my layer set up.

To each his own, but this set up works for me

Exporting Your Illustrator Art for the Web

I’ve switched up to today’s comic for this part of the article. In Photoshop and Illustrator there is an option under the file menu to ‘Save for Web & Devices’ which brings up this box:

Towards the bottom right hand side of the dialog box, you can see I’ve highlighted an area with three tabs. The center tab is the ‘Image Size’ tab. I generally click on that and input the size that I’d like to export to. *Remember – since my comic is completely vector-based, I shouldn’t get any bitmapping or jagged looking images. As you can see by the next image, I don’t.

You can also see the comic is resized – after you hit the “APPLY” button below the box. This is important because there have been plenty of late nights where I’ve just hit save and the resizing does not occur. Here are the dialog boxes before and after.

After you’ve hit reply, just hit Save and your export will be done! Easy peezy!!

If you have any questions just ask them below in the comment section – thanks for reading and watching!!

Ken Drab sporting the thin faced lookKen Drab (me) has a small brain but a savant-like interest in branding, marketing and design. He better, that’s what he gets paid to do in real life. In make believe – he’s a Comic Artist.

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  2. Hi Ken,
    I came across your very helpful site while investigating new tricks in Ai and Ps. Thank you, by the way. I really appreciate it. Dragging the stroke box to the fill box to update the color is a fabulous time saver. One less click saves me so much time in workflow — BIG help!

    Since you are up and running with your own character and merchandising, I’d love to ask how you are using social media to promote your comics, and which ones are working. Specifically, which media is best for attracting new fans, which is best for maintaining long term meaningful contact with your fan base, and which is best for actually getting work?

    Things have changed so much since I started in advertising and marketing 20 years ago. I stepped out of it to pursue a career in architecture and design, and now going back to my first love; illustration. I’d love to hear your thoughts since you are on the ground actually doing this. If there is anything I can offer you, please let me know. I’ve done a bot of research on my end in Ai & Ps techniques, along with copyright law and web design fundamentals. Happy to share as well.

    Thanks so much for your time!
    Julie Doerschlag

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