News Round-Up for April 2014


Let’s start April off with some handy links! I have found each of these helpful and hopefully they’ll shed some light on your art or workflow as well.


Perspective Tutorial

Found this on Tumblr and it’s a cool tutorial and primer on perspectives. It covers the basics and some typical errors. I’ve made these exact same errors and this was helpful for me. Need help with perspectives? Check this blog post out!


Life Drawing Poses

Never took a life drawing course like me? Then this site will help you learn speed and train your hand to draw the human figure.  Chose the type of poses you wish to draw, chose an interval time (start slow) and click “Start Drawing” and the site will display a mix of poses for you to draw. It will change them out at the interval you selected and the time goes by quickly! Even at 2-minutes each, I was unable to finish drawing the poses when I first started. This is a must-use site if you want to sharpen your figure drawing skills.


Scribbles with Jonathan Rector

Another cool link to help you with a variety of sketching tutorials. Jonathon offers tutorial videos using Manga Studio, plus he does random drawing of a variety of figures and I’ve found it a helpful resource for inspiration while doing random sketching. Another good link to help train your hand in a variety of different drawing styles.


Mastering Manga Studio 5

Fellow Manga Studio user Liz Staley wrote a FANTASTIC  book on Master MS5. There are things you never knew MS5 did until you have read Liz’s book. From the basics to advanced techniques, Liz covers it all. Find it at the Packt Publishing website or at Amazon.


Importing and Exporting Data for WordPress Websites

Okay, this is very technical, but once you do it, it’s not that hard. It just takes a lot of patience and careful reading the first time. But, once you master this, moving your website, or even backing it up, is SO much easier. This is a life-saver if you ever lose your website for any reason. Everything is in the Database and if you have that, you can restore you site relatively easily. So, check out this blog post and video.


How To Get Hired (as a Freelancer)

This may or may not be up your alley, but it is always wise to review the basics from time-to-time. The goal for most artists is to make a living drawing. We want it to be our comics, but more than likely that’s not going to happen anytime soon. So, why not sell your talents? It will improve your depth of art styles and challenge you to be creative outside your comic’s universe. Not easy, but I find it fun. This blog post covers the essentials. It won’t be earth-shattering, but it may shake a few things lose in your brain to get you motivated.



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  1. Awesome links Byron. I love quickposes, I’ve been using it for a bit now. Sometimes I switch it up with these two other websites for figure drawing:

    PixelLovely’s figure drawing tool

    This one is similar to quickposes where you can set timed intervals for gesture drawings. But it also has a cool mode called “class mode” which allows you choose blocks of time for how long you want to practice. Then once you select a time, say an hour for example, the timed intervals will start off with a few fast 30 second poses and then increase to longer poses; the last pose in this instance being 30 minutes.


    A lot of solid poses, what I like is that you can click on a figure and rotate it 360 degrees horizontally. Pretty sweet, though some people who I’ve showed this site to said that the 3d figures look a little creepy with just the musculature haha.

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