2011 has been a really interesting year introducing change for people across the globe, and to a lesser extent, that includes us here at the Webcomic Alliance.

We have a lot to be thankful for as we’ve discovered solutions to a lot of the issues we’ve faced, and that everyone continues to post comments on the articles and of course the podcast.

But in life change is constant and the WA is not immune to change – here are a few we’ve made some along the way.

The effervescent Todd McElmurry has been gracious enough to join us as a contributor working on the PIck of the Week and keeping up the wackiness of the Character Challenge. The dark, twisted and talented Drezz Rodriquez of ‘El Cuervo’ has joined us a full fledged member of the team while contributing some great tutorials while lurking, leering and giving sensical advice on the podcast.

That’s the stuff you may already know. But there’s a ton more that we’re working on in the seedy back rooms of the WA. That’s right. seedy. I guess – if you call a Skype chat a seedy back room. The only thing seedy about them is Antoine…and we’ll Byron is a little seedy too. If you think about it, Dawn is seedy – and well now so is Drezz (inherent in the double zz’s in his name). But Ken is DEFINITELY not seedy and DEFINITELY not writing this.

Where were we? Oh right, we’re making a scheduling change for the near future. Starting this week, we’re going to be posting on a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

It will look like this:

Monday will continue to be ‘Pick of the Week’ featuring some great comics from across the Interwebs.
Wednesday will feature an article or tutorial from the Webcomic Alliance team.
Friday will switch back and forth between the Webcomic Workshop podcast and the Character Challenge. This gives everyone time over the weekend to contribute their thoughts and their chance to shine during the Character Challenge!

Just so we’re clear, just because we’re posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday doesn’t mean we won’t ignore, I mean be around, ye rb
2s we’ll definitely be around on the other days of the week. Feel free to come by every day. But we’re not done tinkering with ways to improve the site, content and of course our jibber-jabber.

We hope your holiday season is great and again, we’re thankful that you’ve chosen to spend some time here at the Webcomic Alliance with some of your pals.

We’re pals right?

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