Character Challenge #20: Uncommon Trade

Character Challenge #20: Uncommon Trade

Every other week, we accept a challenge from one of the Webcomic Community’s biggest supporters – Todd McElmurry. Todd has brought us challenges such as BBQ Disaster, Christmas in July, Dummies for Dummies and a whole lot more. Today’s challenge is

“Uncommon Trade”…

Ever since Jack traded the family cow for those magical beans, uncommon trades have been taking place everywhere.  I’m sure at some point in our lives as kids, teenagers, or even as adults we’ve traded something for something else that others would have viewed as unorthodox.  So let’s see what the Webcomic Alliance “artists” come up with – then we’ll see Todd’s response. Think you can answer the challenge? Link to yours below in the comment section!!

Webcomic Alliance “artists”:

Now how the hunter managed to capture 2 bucks without shooting them is up to your imagination.

Todd’s Response!

Yoder's next trade will be his Barn for some Electricity.


You’ve seen ours, you’ve seen Todd’s – what’s your take?  Link to yours in comments below.

Readers that have accepted the Challenge:

Submitted by Michael Phelps -

Submitted by Corey Davies -

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  1. Antoine, love the look of confusion on the the Caveman’s face. Well now to learn how to use that thing and order him a Pizza. 🙂

    Dawn, this is hilarious. The deer look amazing. Now the cafe will have fresh venison on the menu. 🙂

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