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Join the Webcomic Alliance crew for a very special Webcomic Workshop that occurred during the evening of September 10th, 2011. We joined DigiCon and had a great discussion about Branding Comics. We took a real world situation of a project Antoine is considering developing and bring you through the process from the very beginning. We discuss concept, pitch, logo, fonts, colors and a whole lot more. There were questions from the chatroom and other various random acts of randomness… You can check out some of the other panels and get more information on the DigiCon website.

Please be aware that this ‘cast does include coughing.

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  1. Great podcast. For some reason, while you were discussing the Rush Hour comic, I kept thinking that it would be interesting to do a Dinosaur Comics kind of thing, where the artwork was the same in every strip and the dialog would change. The first panel might have a car stopped at a light, the second might be the guy in the car, and the third something else – maybe a city scape or an elevated train or something. The non-changing pictures would represent how commuting is the same every day. But on different days the dialog could be the guy talking, or the radio in the car, or a person in the next car over at the light, or someone commenting from the train, or the unseen kid in the back seat being taken to school…

    I’m not suggesting you do this, it was just what popped into my head and I felt the need to share.

    Good luck with your comic Antoine!

    • that’s a fun idea, and you could even leave a little area that always changes graphically with each strip (like what Bart is writing on the chalkboard in the simpsons opener)… and that could coincide with whatever the script is for that comic. Thanks for sharing james! I dig it, actually.
      I know Antoine is NOT a fan of copy-pasting panels, but maybe this is a little different than that.

      • I’m no fan of copy-pasting art either. I was looking at the art as almost inconsequential though, much as it is in Dinosaur Comics. I’m intrigued by the idea of constraining what you have to work with as a writer and seeing how creative you can get with it.

  2. I just wanted to leave Antoine with this idea for a title: “In Transit”. It would cover anything you could create regarding those moments when your mind is in the fast lane while you are stuck on the shoulder.

    Sounds like a really interesting premise.

    • That is interesting Joe.

      Ken and I actually discussed a bit about after you suggested it.
      Rush Hour is still pretty self explanatory.

      In Transit is not as common, you could be In Transit between 2 Hospital Room, you could be In transit in an airport, etc…

      Thanks tho ๐Ÿ˜›

      • That’s cool. I caught on the part of your conversation where you were juggling with the idea of having these thoughts happen anywhere, like the elevator or the crapper as you pointed out.

        But Rush Hour does work well if all of your shorts key in on that time of day. So you could be stuck in the elevator with other commuters leaving work or on the toilet counting the minutes and trying to get done to make it home on time.

        Best of luck with the idea and thanks for the response.

  3. I’m digging through the older podcasts because I wasn’t aware of this site in 2011. I’m interested in the topic discussed here, but it won’t play and the download link to http://www.1977thecomic.com/multimedia/podcast-special-05.mp3 gives me a file that’s only 5 seconds in length and then stops playing. Newer podcasts work fine both in my browser and as a download. Has something happened to some of these older files?

    • Fixed it. Two things actually. The post itself had some old code in it that was messing up the way it displayed, and then my site “1977 the Comic” was down simultaneously. In fact, your post alerted me to both issues and now they’re fixed! What a day. Enjoy the podcast! We clown around a lot at the beginning, but get settled down soon enough. ๐Ÿ™‚

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