Life Ain’t No Pony Farm

May of 2009 is probably a non-descript date for most of us unless you were born that month.  For Sarah Burrini it was a different kind of birth, it was the month that her comic “Life Ain’t No Pony Farm”  debuted and has made me laugh ever since.

The format for “Life Ain’t No Pony Farm” is a standard newspaper format comic and it follows the daily trials and tribulations of the main character Sarah… now who is that character named for?  Don’t be fooled by the simple premise of another comic that follows its creator’s life… “Life Ain’t No Pony Farm” stands on its own merits and Sarah (both the creator and the character) pull off a truly original comic.

Sarah, the character, lives with three other characters.  There’s Ngumbe, the African elephant (hate to have to clean up after this guy), El Fungo the hot-headed Mexican mushroom and Buttercup, the actual pony of “Life Ain’t No Pony Farm”.  Together, they run into all sorts of situations; mostly comical but occasionally thought provoking.  The comic also traverses its day-in-the-life format to surreal comic in a single strip and does it so effectively you hardly notice the changes.  A true testament to Sarah’s writing abilities as well.

The other cool thing about this comic is that it is presented in both German and English versions.  Sarah is from Germany and has the comic translated by friend Jörg Fassbender for us silly English speaking citizens of the world.  The fun thing too is that Sarah’s Twitter feed is mostly German as well and it’s fun to see that pop up in your timeline from time to time.  The art of “Life Ain’t No Pony Farm” stands on its own.  Sarah, the creator, is a truly gifted illustrator and has a great comic sense in her character designs.  Her character expressions are what make the comic for me and also make truly jealous of her abilities in creating such simple but original character designs.

LANPF updates twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays and always in glorious color (another plus for me).  It is one of those “don’t miss” comics for me and I have some nice exchanges with Sarah on Twitter.  So, don’t just sit there, go check out “Life Ain’t No Pony Farm” and see for yourself.  You’ll be glad you did.  Just be sure to bring plenty of Nutella, as you’ll need a snack now and then while reading this great comic!  Catch it on Facebook here.



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  1. This is a great concept and a really fun comic to read. I’m glad I came here today and found this because I hadn’t seen the strip before. I am, of course a big supporter of the newspaper style, humor strips. 😀

    P.S. How do I join up to this dang thing so I can have a sweet avatar?

    • Yeah, this one cracks me up on a regular basis, and I’m glad you like it as well! Yay! The reviews work!

      As far as an Avatar, I am fairly sure you have to register you email with a site like Gravatar to get your icon to change. We use WordPress to run this site and that seems to be the standard for user icons.

      Here’s the URL to Gravatar:

  2. Yeah! Finally Live ain’t no ponyfarm made it to the Weekly Pick!
    Because it is one of the funniest webcomics published in two languages – and I am one of the happy guys who understands both of them! 🙂

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