Logo Basics: Video Tutorial

With Ken Drab from Rick the Stick .com
With all the video being bandied about on the site, I didn’t want to be left out. So I gave it a try!

In this 13 minute video, we’ll look at some of the basic elements in building your logo. I’m on a Mac using Illustrator in CS5, but you don’t need those tools to build your logo… We take a look at the logo for the fictitious comic ‘Two Tails Tales’ featuring our doggie ‘Antoine’. See the video for an explanation. 🙂

One note. In the video, I give examples of what I accidentally call Sans-Serif fonts: Garamond, Goudy, Times, Georgia. These are SERIF fonts. Had I read my own article found here, I would have known that. Actually, if I could speak in human tongues, I would have gotten it right. Please forgive the error. OR not.

VIDEO NOTE: the first 10 seconds start out rough, not sure what happened during the import, but this may get fixed soon.

Enough about me – right? Let’s talk about you. Do you have a question? Do you want some advice on your logo? We’re still taking requests for both Webcomic Brand-Aid and Dr. Banner, the Banner Doctor. Honesty is a band-aid and it’s best if you just tear it right off!

Ken Drab sporting the thin faced lookKen Drab (me) has a small brain but a savant-like interest in branding, marketing and design. He better, that’s what he gets paid to do in real life. In make believe – he’s a Comic Artist.

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  1. Ken,

    What all did you use to record this tutorial? webcam mic, or more of a “pro audio” interface? Also, what did you use to capture the video? Interested in creating videos like this. Thanks!

  2. I have a question. I am stuck with my own studio logo. I currently put out two comics under my studio and produce digital paintings along with traditional media commission work. My problem is that my studio has such a non traditional name and i am somewhat stumped as to what to do for a logo that looks great and conveys the right feel.

    Because of that I have been somewhat avoiding it, but i know that it’s somewhat crucial to good branding. Any advice would be appreciated. BTW the name is Punkin Studios. The story behind it is that my wife calls me punkin and we both felt it might be a cool name. so much so I even got the domain for it and have been running it for a year and change now.

    • Roberto,

      We’ve touched on this in one of our podcasts. My personal opinion is to focus on branding your comics and less on your studio unless your studio is more of your strategy or is doing more business than your comics.

      By focusing on your comics, you minimize the risk of creating confusion with your readers and can consolidate your branding, social media and marketing efforts.

      That doesn’t mean you can’t continue to use Punkin Studios as a portal and link to it from your comics, but as I said, it’s best to focus on your comics – that’s what’s going to build your audience.

      Hope that helps!

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