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Loop takes us on a journey through time, way back through time.  Meet Dave, a Time Tourist with one thing on his mind, vacation.  Where does a time tourist like Dave want to vacation, well the 1970’s of course, who wouldn’t.  Unfortunately for Dave the two goof balls Otto and Remy, who really shouldn’t be operating a time travel device, send him from 3065 back to prehistoric time.  Dave soon meets Krong, a very intelligent example of Prehistoric man who takes Dave in and helps him out.


Meet Dave. Dave wants to go to 1974 to Party! Dave missed that date by a few years.

Soon upon arriving Dave discovers that there is no easy return to the future among other things that rock his world to the core.  How would you react if you found yourself suddenly trapped in time, not sure of where or even when you are.  Dave’s worries are very justified.

What?!? No Internet!!!

What?!? No Internet!!!


Many of you may be familiar with Sean McLean and his other great webcomic Underwhelmed.  Loop went into full swing on November 5, 2012 so it is still a very young webcomic, which means that you don’t have to time travel too far to enjoy the archives, so head on over and check them out…well after you finish reading this post of course.  Loop updates on a MWF schedule, which guarantees you’ll have something to keep you smiling all week.

Well we’ve spent a little time getting to know Dave, so let’s go meet the other main character in this story, whom Dave wouldn’t be surviving his Prehistoric visit without, Krong.  He is not your typical cro-magnon man, once you get a translator bracelet on this fellow he’s a wealth of knowledge.

Hope Dave's visit turns out a little bit better.

Hope Dave’s visit turns out a little bit better.

As Dave discovers, Krong has made a few discoveries of his own.  He’s a bit smarter than his cro-magnon neighbors.

Fire? That's so two weeks ago.

Fire? That’s so two weeks ago.

But don’t worry about Dave, I’m sure those nincompoops Otto and Remy are professional enough to set things straight.  I mean they are after all working at a Time Travel facility, surely they have an exact science for fixing problems such as this.

It's always good to know the future has their best people on this.

It’s always good to know the future has their best people on this.


So don’t wait until you have to use a Time Machine to check out this wonderful new webcomic on the block.  Head on over and check out Loop, it’s “Time” well spent.

Be sure to come back on January 21, 2013 to check out our 10 Questions Interview with creator Sean McLean.

Website: http://www.loopcomic.com

Follow Sean McLean on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/doylecomic

Follow Sean McLean on Google+: +Sean McLean

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    • Glad you liked our first pick of the month for 2013. Sean does great work and a time travel webcomic just seemed perfect for the start of a new year. Definitely come back on the 21st and check out the Interview, and while your here check out our past Picks of the Month/Week and the other Articles and Podcasts we have to offer here at the Webcomic Alliance.

      • Luckily, I’ve never had any arguments on my page. I HAVE had pelope in other places try to start things with me over my comic I actually find those kinda fun. I can debate with an angry person and show other pelope that I am not the person they are trying to make me out to be. With my comic most pelope assume I’m a guy because girls shouldn’t be doing what I do based on the subject. Count me as another girl that isn’t really girly. I don’t really care for things for girls when I can just use things for guys. Like mentioned, I think if you target women it’s going to turn out awkward. Divas was written by a guy, however Girl Comics was done by all women and I didn’t find it anymore interesting.Social Networking? No idea. I think very few of my readers follow me on twitter.

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