Pick of the Month: Lilith Dark

I am Lilith Dark!  The cry rises up from the dark as the brave warrior makes her attack on the beastie that lies in wait!  Did I catch your attention with that intro?  Well Lilith is ready to catch your attention and keep you coming back for more.  In the Dark’s backyard lies a tree, a tree full of beasties and around every corner is a new creature waiting to feel the broad sword of Lilith Dark.

Charles Dowd brings to life the very fun and action packed Long From Graphic Novel, Lilith Dark.

When Lilith isn’t imagining being a warrior, she is your typical little girl, but once you let her imagination take hold the true adventure begins.  Along for the ride are her geeky big brother, Dewey Dark and her big sister Becky Dark.  Along for the battles and sometimes starting in them is Lilith’s rotweiler pup named Kitty.

Lilith’s imagination is often boosted by her brother Dewey, who convinces Lilith that the tree in their yard is not just an ordinary tree, but is in fact filled with beasts of every shape and size imaginable.  Well this keeps Becky’s hands full trying to keep Lilith grounded in reality just long enough to eat her food properly or to take a bath.

 Charles Dowd is an award winning fantasy and comic artist, who felt the industry was really lacking a strong, relatable female character.  So inspired by his children and his love for comics he created the all-ages dark fantasy Lilith Dark.

Lilith Dark updates every Wednesday, and is also available in Charles shop for download.  The archives are not so deep that a new reader couldn’t easily get caught up on the wonderful, fresh adventure that is Lilith Dark.   So don’t fear the beasties, there’s someone ready to face them and battle them, so head on over and enjoy the fun life and times of Lilith Dark.

Come back later in the month as we take a closer look at creator Charles Dowd and ask him our POTM 10 Questions.

Lilith Dark Website: http://lilithdark.com/

Charles Dowd Website: http://cdowd.com/

Follow Lilith Dark: Twitter – @IamLilithDark  Google+ +Lilith Dark

Follow Charles Dowd: Twitter – @CharlesDowd  Google+ +Charles Dowd

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