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Deep in the recesses of space, or just one Teraport jump away from you is a mercenary like no other, Schlock.  Recruited, I use that word loosely, by Lieutenant Der Trihs and led by Captain Tagon, Schlock and the crew find themselves in the midst of a hostile takeover, and pushed in a new direction.  These mercenaries find themselves under new management serving the role of bodyguard, taxi service, and what ever else will get them paid at the end of the day.  This change in ownership starts a 12 year journey filled with aliens, new worlds, worm holes, Artificial Intelligence, assassins, and lots of bullets and destruction….and that’s just on a good day.

As Schlock and the crew adjust to their new orders they find themselves being hunted by enemies, in the middle of rivals, used as scapegoats, and still trying to find ways to make their stock options valuable.  Breya’s brother Kevyn, a brilliant and sometimes on edge scientist has created the next evolution in travel, the Teraport.  It has the ability…well, it allows a person to…. let’s let Kevyn explain it to you.

Starting in June of 2000 Howard Tayler introduced us to Schlock and the crew.  Howard continues bringing us daily updates of Schlock Mercenary to this day.  Those that have been avid readers of Howard’s work have seen not only the crew evolve but also the drawing styles.   Producing a daily colored cartoon for 12 years is not an easy task, but Howard continues to pump out the goodness for us day after day, taking us on some wild adventures.  I for one am just amazed at Howard’s work, having just celebrated 12 years this year the story line continues getting stronger and more and more characters continue to join the crew as a new adventure unfolds.   As an avid webcomic reader I’m reminded daily of how awesome you comic creators are, and to see after 12 years a comic such as Schlock continuing to produce new story lines and to see the worlds that are being built with the crew and the universe of Schlock Mercenary just blows me away.  Thank you Howard for your continued hard work and for sharing your talents with us daily.

As a new reader to Schlock Mercenary I can safely say it is one of those webcomics that will keep you entertained day in and day out, and with 12 years of archives it will keep a new reader entertained for a while.  It is so cool to see the style and the characters evolve and the adventures and story lines are very exciting. So  I encourage you to take some time to come on over and check out Schlock Mercenary, you’ll find yourself highly entertained, just don’t upset Schlock he has many ways of dealing with folks and a Plasma Canon isn’t the only one.

Be sure to check out Schlock Mercenary and come back on November 19th as Howard Tayler answers our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month”.

Website: http://www.schlockmercenary.com/

Follow Sergeant Schlock on Twitter @Schlock and Google+ +Schlock Mercenary

Follow Howard Tayler on Twitter @HowardTayler and Google+ +Howard Tayler


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