THUNDERPAW In the Ashes of Fire Mountain, is a very unique comic, in that it’s part comic part animation and all parts Amazing!!

Meet Bruno and Ollie, best friends who find themselves suddenly thrown into a world of Chaos.   When we meet them, they are your typical dogs, waiting somewhat patiently for their master return.  But where has everyone gone?  Little do they know but soon the world as they know it is going to be turned upside down and they will have to rely on each other to survive, and try to get home.  If there is a home to return to.


Ollie tends to sense something isn’t right from the get go, but being a good friend Bruno does everything he can to calm him and make him feel assured that things are going to be alright. The people have just left for a bit, they’ll be back…right?!




As the impending doom continues to build Ollie becomes more and more unnerved, taking everything Bruno has to keep himself and Ollie calm.  Soon the chaos outside grows more and more to the point that they are thrust into the world and find themselves face to face with a world that is completely different from the one they knew.


Jen Lee creates a wonderful and exciting story, with some great Photoshop animated gifs breathing a cool life into the work.  The animation propels the story so much in each story board, that you find yourself just absolutely mesmerized.  This is a very cool concept for the webcomic standard.

THUNDERPAW is very young in its story board right now, so it’s a great time to head over and check it out.

As the story moves forward we see the destruction at the hands of sinister forces around Ollie and Bruno, and we see Bruno as he transitions from level head to leader, as they plan to make their way home, if they can.


I encourage you to go check out THUNDERPAW and the awesome things Jen is doing with animated gifs created in Photoshop.   Spread the word about THUNDERPAW, it’s a very cool concept for webcomics and one worth sharing.

Come back on February 18th to meet Jen Lee from THUNDERPAW as we tackle our “10 Questions” for the creator, and learn a little bit more about Jen.

Website: http://thunderpaw.co/

Follow Jen on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/repoghost

Check out Jen’s Tumblr: http://repoghost.com/

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    • Jen really puts a lot into her work, it’s very cool to see how the Webcomic genre is not just Sunday Morning panel style anymore. The animation really helps to tell the story as well, such a cool find and I was glad to be able to share it with everyone and help to spread the word about the great stuff Jen is doing over there. Be sure to come back on the 18th for the Interview with Jen Lee.

  1. Just wow. Way to use the medium in a new and boundary pushing way. I love this.

    I love the story, the care I already have for the characters. Separately, I also love the way it’s done, and how much use it makes of digital possibilities.

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