Pick of the Week: 2816 Monument

2816 Monument was created by Mark Luetke.  It follows the life and perils of Paul Stearns.  Paul had a bad accident, and took a gamble on health insurance and has now found himself in a medical bankruptcy.   Needing a quick infusion of money to help pay the rent Paul puts out an ad for a roommate.   Paul’s ad gets answered first by Captain Kittenface, a sea captain formerly known as Seamus O’Malley, who had his head replaced by that of his companion, his cat, after a horrid accident at sea.  Then Calypso Cordelia, a once successful jazz vocalist shows up and will not take no for an answer and soon becomes another paying inhabitant of Apartment 3 at 2816 Monument.   Calypso doesn’t come alone though and is followed by Captain Remarkable, Landon Donahue who is a bit paranoid schizophrenic and believes he has just returned from a trip to Mars.

Like it or not Paul finds himself with roommates, and with one unwanted,  unpaying guest.

Just as Paul is ready to kick them all out, Paul finds himself completely unemployed as his position at work is suddenly removed.   Now facing no income Paul must at last accept that these misfits are a good thing for him, well at least the paying ones.   Landon is forced out, but as the story progresses we find out that Landon doesn’t take rejection too well and finds ways to assert himself back into their lives whether they want him there or not.

Captain Kittenface, Seamus, decides to take Paul under his wing and show him a way to get money and introduces Paul to the Captains work of rat catching.   Captain Kittenface has found that rats, when given an incentive will eat money and he catches those rats and extracts the money from them in the sewers beneath the Federal Reserve building.  So now Paul not only has rent to thank his new roommates for, but also a new job.

Mark Luetke is a web developer and illustrator living in Richmond, VA where his online comic is loosely based.   Mark has created, with 2816 Monument, a very unique and fun webcomic that contains a very eclectic group of people that have found themselves brought together with the same goal, they need somewhere to stay, and now Paul finds himself against his better wishes needing them to stay.

2816 Monument is a long form comic, which Mark describes as a Soap, so you won’t find any joke a day strips in the batch, but what you will find a very cool and unique story that once you start following you’ll become hooked.   The strip started in November of 2010, but the archives are not so deep that a new reader won’t be able to jump into it from the beginning and catch up easily.

Mark has created a very fun world, that from the outside can appear as a bit of a train wreck life for Paul, but as you get involved you’ll find that it not only appears as a train wreck but thanks to  Captain Remarkable, the main antagonist,  and these new roommates, Paul’s life has become a train wreck.   But just like any good train wreck you’ll find like me that once you start reading this fun and quirky comic you won’t won’t be able to take your eyes off of it, or is that just because of Calypso Cordelia. 🙂

So come on over and check into 2816 Monument and hang out with the cast and have a great time.  I’m sure Paul won’t mind one more roommate, just as long as you can pay rent. 🙂

Website: http://www.2816Monument.com

Follow Mark Luetke on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/2816Monument

Circle Mark Luetke on Google+: https://plus.google.com/u/0/117021458574062562163/posts

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