Pick of the Week: Bearmageddon

Bearmageddon by Ethan Nicolle and colored by Noah Maas is this week’s POTW.   Bearmageddon’s main 4 characters are Joel Morely, Jeremy “Gogs” Chandler, Burton Diggs, and Nigel Coleman whose lives have intersected at a time where neither of them are 100% satisfied with how their lives are turning out and are ready for a drastic change.  All the while a drastic change is occurring behind the scenes around them and is about to find them face to face with a threat much larger than having to work at the Wow-Mart the rest of their lives.

 Things have come to a head in Joel’s lives and he is faced with a sad fact that he MUST grow up.  Well he and his com-padres are not quite ready for that just yet.  So after mostly watching a documentary presented to them by their past friend Nigel the group decide it is their time to go out and discover what they are made of.

So with Nigel as their guide they each load up into Nigel’s van and head out into the woods to live out the environmentalist dream and to get away from the oppression of society.   Joel and the rest feel this would be a great way to just separate from their troubles and enjoy some “camping” for a while.

As the guys are muddling their ways through their lives and trying to get a strong hold on the life they feel is being stripped away from them a little at a time, things are taking place all around the town that may be related to some past experiments on grizzly bears.   A tentacled “Octo-Bear” was just plucked from the sewers and now grizzly bears are showing up randomly in some strange locations, unbeknownst to our new travelers.

Ethan Nicolle (of Axe Cop fame) once again brings his remarkable artistic approach of detail and writing to this new long form online graphic adventure.   He creates characters that you become attached to and give you a glimpse into their lives to pan out who they are and why they do the things they do helping to attach you to them.   Joel’s ability to weave a catchy story and to create a new and unique world is in full swing here with Bearmageddon.   Offering the coloring is the very talented Noah Maas.

As you can see in the below snips from some of the online comic strips, Ethan and Noah are able to create finite details that create a visual world that has depth.  The attention to detail just amazes we with their work.


The four friends are no sooner out there in their new world, standing up for nature and chaining themselves to a tree, a little too permanently thanks to Nigel’s quick thinking, when the problems going on in the background of the world they thought they left behind finally comes face to face with them.

What is the fate of Joel and his friends?  Will Bearmageddon be the end of the human species as we know it?  Who created the mutated bear and why are Grizzlies now attaching in such abundance?  These answers and more will be answered only by clicking over and checking out Bearmageddon yourself and making it a part of your weekly updated schedule.  You won’t regret it.




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