Pick of the Week: Bearman Cartoons

Bearman Cartoons presents political, celebrity, and world matters in a very comical and unbiased way.   Bearman Cartoons uses caricatures of political and celebrity figures in situations that reflect what is happening with them in the world today as well as cartoons of hot button topics or just fun pokes at our world.   It takes a very light and fun approach to the situations people find themselves in and approaches the subjects of politics by attacking from both sides so as to be a mainly unbiased approach that all readers can enjoy.

 Bearman Cartoons has a large following of readers  known as Bearmaniacs and is a huge support of the Webcomic industry helping to promote webcomickers and their works, do guest webcomics for other webcomickers, and from time to time has appeared in several webcomics.  I’m sure there have been or will be a time when one of Bearman’s cartoons offends you, but that is never his intention at all.   Bearman’s political approach is of such that he will equally jab at each side and help to bring the absurdity of folks actions and events to light thru his drawings.

Bearman presents the world to us in a way that makes us laugh but also makes us think.   His caricatures help us to make light of sometime serious matters and allows those with die hard opinions on a subject to laugh at the issue without feeling like their views are being demeaned.  Approaching subject matters such as politics and world news events can be tough for a cartoonist so that they don’t isolate their readers. Bearman takes this to heart and makes sure that he’s not one sided and allows for his readers to sound off to one another in the comments and engages them in a very open approach.

You don’t have to be political or a die hard fan of a celebrity to find something hilarious over at Bearman Cartoons.  Take some time and comment on the post, share your thoughts, and who knows one day you might find yourself an honorary Bearmaniac.

Website: www.beartoons.com

Follow Bearman on Twitter: www.twitter.com/bearmancartoons

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  1. Wow. I am humbled and honored. Thanks for the great write up Todd and more importantly, thanks for the continued support.

    You added some toons, even I forgot about.

    • It is our pleasure. You have a wonderful satirical approach to news items, politics, celebrities and the world around us with your witty and always humorous webcomic. You are a great supporter of other webcomics and always offering encouraging words to other webcomickers. Keep up the good work Bearman.

  2. It’s hard to miss Bearman. Not only is he a fine artist with a razor sharp wit, his silver-tipped satirist bullets never fail to pierce through the armor of anything he has in his sights with deadly accuracy. He’s also a voracious commentor and supporter of other webcartoonists and creators. I’ve always marveled at Bearman, he’s a bottomless mine of comedy gems, really an online national treasure! Congrats, Mr. B!

  3. I am a devout ride-or-die Bearmaniac!

    Bearman has been one of my staunchest supporters and friends ever since I first got into webcomics. His sarcastic wit and awesome artwork delights me each day. He keeps it real with you and he’s not afraid to tackle any subject regardless of how the majority feels.

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