Pick of the Week: Carpe Chaos

Carpe Chaos is a very extrodinary webcomic in the way that it unfolds.  It is not a long form webcomic, but yet in a sense it is.  It follows the lives of five alien races that have learned to travel between the stars and explorers their cultures, their history, and their beliefs.  You get to follow a different group of aliens each month with a new story and see how their differences cause discord and how they benefit from each other to solve problems.

 The aliens in Carpe Chaos help to construct the universe in a way that you get to see how their lives are similar and when conflict occurs you feel the affects of both sides.  This causes you to not become attached to one species as the dominant species over the other but to view them in a way that makes us view ourselves and our interactions with each other differently.  Whether your having a history lesson with a Porg or fighting a rival tribe of Turikasuul you don’t view one species as more important than the other.

As each race continues to reach out across their universe travelling among the stars you start to see that they all share the same goal, to better their race and to create an environment were their children can live in harmony.   Not all the stories are about the conflicts or intersecting lives of these aliens, some dig deep into the history of the species in the story arc and explore their cultural, political and spiritual lives.

 As the stories expand and show that all these aliens share the universe the same is true about the stories themselves.  The writers and creators share a collaboration that allows them to create new stories within the universe they have created together.   They even go so far as to create a Wiki page allowing people to expand upon the Carpe Chaos story line and create details for each of the characters.  Each team of creators weaves a new tapestry each month connecting these 5 species and expanding their universe to us story by story.   The collaboration is done so seamlessly that it feels as one person is creating this and not a team of 6 from all across the US and Canada.   Thus proving that collaboration is a good thing when it comes to creating a webcomic.

One thing that is neat about Carpe Chaos is there are no humans introduced at all, so it allows the reader to escape to a world that no man or woman has ever been to.  As a reader I have taken trips with animals in webcomics, but never really felt alien to the environment due to it being earth based, with Carpe Chaos you are ripped out of your earth based comfort zone and taken to worlds where we don’t exist, and more than likely will never appear on.  So suddenly you the reader are the alien along for the trip.  Everything is new.

 Carpe Chaos updates monthly.  At the first of each month a new story begins, and unfolds as the month goes along wrapping up at Day 1 of the following month.  So each month you never know which planet you will find yourself on and in what situation.

The way the stories are laid out you do not have to read them in any specific order, so you can choose to explore the Kaean home world or go hang out with the Porg, the options is yours.  Either way you choose to explorer the universe and stories of Carpe Chaos I can guarantee one thing, you’ll enjoy every second of it.  No get out there and explore Carpe Chaos.

Website: http://www.carpechaos.com

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