Pick of the Week: Circuit

What is Circuit:

Circuit takes us into our computer and gives us a glimpse of what our systems components are up to.  Have you ever worried that maybe your processor, system fan, or memory were just getting bored with their day to day tasks?  Well Circuit introduces us to a cast that shows us just what our components are up to.

The main cast are Harry and Sam.  After finding that their tasks really don’t require them to be there 24X7 to be completed, a few shortcuts later they are off on an adventure.   Along the way they meet Jill, a memory chip that has all the answers but wants to find more, and Ed, a service bell that’s hasn’t spoken in years and is making up for that with a barrage of snarky comments.


About the Webcomic and the Artist:

Circuit is a long form story that updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The story spans across the internal landscape of a Computer System, but it’s not your typical circuit board with wires, heat sinks, and capacitors.  There journey finds them in the presence of hundreds and hundreds of doors, each one with another adventure behind it.

The journey started out with two new friends Sam and Harry in search for hands for Harry.   These self claimed “Exploding Ninjas” have found along the way many adventures and new friends.   The main ensemble is made up of 4 characters and their quest to find out what else is out there.

Whether they are battling a wizard to rescue Sam who has mistakenly been claimed as a princess, or going head to head against each other as part of the AC or DC gang they are definitely not having a dull time now.


The creator of Circuit is Luke Pola.  Luke is from Portland, Maine and is a webtoonist.  He enjoys drawing and creating and even though he wears a robe all day and carries around a giant sword, he claims he is not a Samurai.  But he does like their hooch. 🙂

So remember the next time your system starts acting strange there may not be a problem after all, just like the characters in Circuit your components may be out on a adventure.  So put on your favorite mustache, grab some hooch, and head on over to Circuit and see what they might be up to.

Website: http://www.unbalancedhumors.com

Follow Luke on Twitter: http://twitter.com/CircuitComic

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  1. Lovely write-up… I’m honored. I would like to make one tiny correction, though. I am actually from Portland, Maine. Gotta make sure my hometown gets the love!

    Oh, and another slight correction on Ben’s comment. I’m actually a SUPER terrific guy.

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