Pick of the Week: Dr. McNinja

If you have a cold, injury, or need some serious butt kicking done call on Dr. McNinja.  Dr. McNinja finds it hard sometimes to balance being a successful doctor and an awesome Ninja, fortunately he has the help of his receptionist Judy (the gorilla) and his 12 year old side kick Gordito (awesome mustache).  His family are ninjas as well and help him in battle from time to time, even though they dislike the fact that he has chosen a profession as a doctor. Never the less they are always there to assist.  So get your stethoscope and throwing stars and let’s check out the world of Dr. McNinja.

 About the Webcomic and the Artists:

Dr. McNinja is best described as a Comic Book on the Internet versus just a webcomic.  It is structed like a comic book series with chapters consisting of 40+ pages in each arc.  Each story arc has a intro, plot, and a conclusion followed by a quick note by the doctor at the end wrapping up the recent adventures.

Dr. McNinja battles new nemesis and problems each chapter.   As the story moves along we find McNinja picking up a 12 year old Side Kick named Gordito after a run in with bandito’s on Velociraptors.  Gordito is not only a good shot with his pistol, but for a 12 year old he has an awesome mustache that he grew out of sheer will power, thus proving that he definitely has what it takes to fight along side a ninja.

Dr. McNinja finds that at times its a struggle to keep things going between fighting bad guys and running a professional medical facility.  Fortunately for him he has Judy, his receptionist to help keep things straight.

The creator of Dr. McNinja is Christopher Hastings who first drew Dr. McNinja as part of a drawing contest in 2003.  Shortly after that time Chris made a full length comic for an art class.  Dr. McNinja updates 3 times a week and is now in vivid color thanks to the coloring works of Anthony Clark.

Dr. McNinja has had and continues to have a very exciting run.  In 2007 Dr. McNinja won the 2007 Web Cartoonist’s Choice Award for Outstanding Superhero / Action Comic, and has had plenty of cameo’s in other webcomics and TV shows (Dr. McNinja Poster appeared in the back of Barney Stinson’s room on the CBS show “How I Met Your Mother” – second episode of season 6).  Most recently this year Dr. McNinja was published thru Dark Horse Comics.

 So for a kick butt time with a Ninja that will take you to the battle and mend you afterwards with his awesome doctor skills, look no further than Dr. McNinja.

Website: www.drmcninja.com

Follow Chris Hastings on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/drhastings

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