Pick of the Week: Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life

Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life by Dan Long is a very cool and creative long form webcomic.   It follows the adventures of one Edmund Finney as he travels on a life answering quest and meets many colorful characters and finds himself in some very interesting places.

 About the Webcomic and the Artist:

Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life updates Tuesdays and Fridays and guarantees a new adventure and fun each time.   This is a long form webcomic in the sense of the on going Quest by Edmund, but yet each update contains new characters and a new environment for Edmund. Whether he’s sailing with Pirates, Climbing over mountain ranges, or more recently in the wild west his Quest for the Meaning of Life definitely has brought more than it’s fair share of adventure and excitement for the lead character.

The creator Dan Long is from St. Louis, Missouri and has been dealing with Art his whole life. Dan majored in English and minored in Art with an emphasis in drawing at the University of Missouri, Columbia. After trying LA out for a while he moved back to St. Louis where he currently works and resides.

Dan submitted 3 comic strips to papers only to have them rejected as “too different”, one of which was Edmund Finney’s Quest. Dan explains that he “liked the concept of Edmund Finney’s Quest too much to shelf it, so I decided to post it online”. We are glad he did.

So for a wonderfully fun and zanny webcomic that is guaranteed to take you on an adventure like no other, and introduce you to characters unlike any you’ve ever met before look no further than Edmund Finney’s Quest to Find the Meaning of Life.  This is one quest you’ll be glad you took.

Website: www.eqcomics.com

Follow Dan on Twitter: www.twitter.com/eqcomics

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    • I know mine too. I was gonna have him as the POTW sooner, but he was off the Month of August getting his book together and I didn’t want to have him as the Pick during a week that his strip wasn’t being updated. It was a long wait, and once September got here I knew which one I wanted to make sure to get up.

    • Sure did. He saw the tweets about it this morning and thanked us. His creativity is like no other. His webcomic is one of those that guarantees you’ll never know what to expect when the next strip comes up.

  1. Hey all, thanks for the writeup! Very unexpected. It’s neat to see which of the comics you chose to display here. Good mixture.

    And Todd, thanks for the consideration regarding waiting until I was back from my break. Very much appreciated! I was finally able to (almost) finish the book, a project that was hanging over my head for months until I finally needed to just pause the comic and get crackin’ at it.

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