Pick of the Week: Flip and Barrel

Who are Flip and Barrel:

Flip and Barrel are two brothers that are always getting into some sort of nonsense, whether they are super-heroes battling evil robots, or coming up with clever new products, or going to a comic-con you’ll bet they are gonna do it together and some sort of humorous chaos will ensue.

Flip is the kind of older brother that all of us with older siblings remember.  He’s up for any kind of challenge but always volunteers his little brother to risk his neck to see it thru.

Barrel is the fluffy (overweight) little brother who always seems to be getting the short end of the stick.  Even though his brother has been known to put him in harms way they’ll do anything for each other.

About the Webcomic and the artist:

Flip and Barrel is what I would consider a mixed form collaboration webcomic, it has a long-form story that is visited from time to time with the ongoing Super Hero story arc, and yet it has some weeks where the updates are just a one a day strip, but yet those one a day strips still  help to get an understanding of how the brothers work and their rapport.

Flip and Barrell are like any typical brothers, they take jabs at each other, pick on one another, but at the end of the day they are and always will be there for each other.   The webcomic just celebrated it’s first year and it’s been a very cool transition watching the strip go from B&W with an occasional color strip to now a full color strip every post.  I highly recommend jumping on this train and becoming a fan of Flip and Barrel.

The creators are Brad Snyder and Brad Joyce (The Two Brads).  One of the neatest aspects of this collaboration is how it is done.   Typically you will see a writer and an illustrator collaborate, but this time they both create it with Brad Joyce doing the Monday Strips and with Brad Snyder doing the Thursday strips.

You will see their different drawing styles as each week progresses, but their basis of the characters, the story, etc. flows so seamlessly you’ll soon forget that there are two different people miles and miles away from one another creating it on different days.   This webcomic provides a nice insight into what brothers are like, from their ability to drive each other crazy one minute and be there ready to fight for one another the next.   Even though Flip and Barrel are the main characters you have Mitty, the love interest of Barrel, who is in the strip from time to time as well adding a little estrogen to the strip (as the Brad’s would say), and if that isn’t enough you are guaranteed to see a Chicken-zooka strapped robot army as well. (See I knew that would grab your interest)

Get those Chicken-zooka’s loaded and get ready for a fun filled time with two brothers that can guarantee your Monday’s and Thursday’s will never be dull again.  Come on over and hang out with Flip and Barrel.

Website: http://www.flipandbarrel.com

Follow Brad Joyce on Twitter – http://twitter.com/flipandbarrel

Follow Brad Snyder on Twitter – http://twitter.com/brad_snyd3r


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  1. A definite must read! I’ve been reading since the New Year and have seen the progress, but in this last month…. WOW! The writing has really come together. Solid through and through! Great job Brads! Now the rest of you… get over to the site and start reading!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I still love going thru their archives and watching as their writing and art styles improve. You can really see the two Brads growing as artists and story tellers. This is an awesome collaboration that continues to get better and better with each and every post. The webcomic just goes to show ya that Brad Squared = Awesome!

  2. NC Brad here,Thanks for the kind words your guys! When Brad and I first got into this,we had no clue as to what we where doing.I’ve been in the shadows as a webcomic reader for years. (Pinkerton being my number one favorite as well as the inspiration to do F&B. Thanks Wit!)I got Brad into reading them and he sent me text with the very first F&B strip which evolved into a comic collaboration together. What’s funny,both of can really draw but diving into the “comic world” was a whole new ball game for both of us. As you can see the art and writing has grown tremendously (and is still growing.)and we have no intention of slowing down!

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