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What if all the childhood holiday characters REALLY existed? What if you found out there’s really a Santa Claus at the North Pole, or the Easter Bunny actually delivers candy…. and has quite a temper, I might add? What if other lesser celebrated holidays had representative characters or people, such as Labor Day or April Fools? And what if it was up to YOU to save Santa Claus and the HOLIDAY SPIRIT form the Easter Bunny?!

Scott King, along with artists Michael Odom, Giuseppe Pica, and Aturo Said, bring us “Holiday Wars”, and after only a dozen pages, you’ll believe to. These won’t just be “what ifs”.

Right from the start, the reader is thrown into a torture scene with Santa and the villain Easter Bunny (we all knew those costumed Easter Bunnies at malls were evil, now we know for sure!). This ain’t your average cutesy Christmas nighttime story or Peter Cottontail fairytale.

Shortly after, we meet Tegan Cassidy, an orphan fostered high school girl who is stumbling along like most us did, dealing with lacrosse and bullies….. and the consequences that come with damaging school property. After being sentenced to help with the prom committee, things start to get a little… surreal…

When I say surreal, I mean a mutant chicken that emerges from what seems like an earthquake, and a guy named Labor Day who saves Tegan and reveals the Easter Bunny is after her head. Yeah, that kind of surreal.

Not crazy enough? Okay, I’ll throw in a T-Rex changing Tegan and Labor day down the street in broad daylight. But wait, it’s another holiday character, April Fools who can shape-shift. This enough to make Tegan question her own sanity, obviously.

A visit to Haven to see Earth Day, along with many other holidays, reveals a little more about why Tegan is so special, why she has been watched with a careful eye all her life, why she has been chosen by Santa. Throughout the story, we learn the special abilities each holiday has… such as Labor Day’s super strength or April Fool’s shape-shifting skills. Some goofy lesser-known holidays are thrown in for fun, and the characters are great to bounce off each other.

The reader knew Tegan was an orphan living in a foster home, but Earth Day reveals exactly where she came from, and Tegan’s uncanny birthmark– a snowflake– is the proof. But what lies in her future, why was she summoned to help? What powers might Tegan have? What exactly is this “holiday spirit” and the Easter Bunny be stopped before he gets his furry paws on it? Well now, I can’t give it all away… and much has yet to be explained!

Holiday Wars is a wonderful, dark, comedic, fantastical adventure that makes you believe, once again, that magic exists. There are few better things to allow yourself to melt into and fully enjoy, even if you’re all grown up. And that, you young-at-heart readers, is what fuels holiday spirit. It’d be a sad world, full of evil mall costumed bunnies, without it.

And what a stroke of luck! Scott King and 3rd World Studios now have a Kickstarter for the first printing of the Holiday Wars book! So, if reading this webcomic from the start seems daunting, why not consider donating towards this fund and wait for you book to arrive in the mail! So many incentives to lure you in too! Like, this awesomely made  motion trailer, laying out the basics of the Holiday Wars universe!

Scott and company are sooo so so close to reaching their Kickstarter goal, please consider being one of the few who pushes them over the line! This comic is truly one that deserves to be in book format!

Website: http://www.holiday-wars.com/

Follow Scott on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/scottking

Holiday Wars Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/th3rdworld/holiday-wars-0

Holiday Wars on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HolidayWars

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