Pick of the Week: Legend of Bill

Tired of their mundane life as file clerk interns in the local castle accounting department, two brave adventures, Bill and Frank, stepped forward to answer the call.  Bill is a wanna be barbarian who is joined on his journey by Frank the blue dragon.  Their adventures are told in the wonderful webcomic, Legend of Bill.

About the Webcomic and the Artist:

Legend of Bill started back in May 2008 and updates every Monday and Thursday.   Bill and Franks travels have taken them to many different villages and introduced us to may unusual characters.  Along their journey they have been joined by Princess Gina, who left her land to find help to save her King father’s land from the might of a coming shopping center chain.  Bill has been pursued by the Dark Queen Vasheeva who first tried to trick him into marrying her so she could leave the Dark Lands and along the way has fallen in love with him.

Bill and Franks journey has been filled with battles, brave rescues, and plenty of visits to the local taverns.  Along the way Bill has met and continues to meet many unusual characters and is pursued by the Dark Underlord Warrix who longs for unlimited power and rule over the Fourth Kingdom.  Bill’s journey documented and sometimes protected by a Gnome who makes his appearance from time to time and can be seen sneaking around in the background.

Legend of Bill is created by the very talented David Reddick.   David is a professional cartoonist that has spent his life making cartoon strips.  David worked as an award-winning staff cartoonist for 6 years creating editorial cartoons and single-panel cartoons that were distributed to newspapers nationwide.

Currently David’s other works are Gene’s Journal and Rod & Barry, not to mention he is a full time cartoonist at Paws, Inc. where he works full-time on the “Garfield” worldwide property.

Working with David are Don Kuehn who adds the wonderful colors we see in Legend of Bill, Jason Williams who creates the “Barwinch Tales” comic strips that appear on the site every Saturday, and Kevin Vassey who creates “The Gnome Syndicate” comic strips every Sunday.

So get your broadsword, put on your horned helmets, and get ready for an adventurous webcomic that will guarantee laughs and adventure.  Come join the travels and experience the Legend of Bill.

Website: www.legendofbill.com

Follow David Reddick on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/DavidReddick


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