Pick of the Week: Life on 66

What is Life on 66:

Life on 66 reminds us of a simpler time where we never met a stranger and our neighbors were our friends.  As we hang out with M.J. and Stanley we find ourselves taken back to a moment in time where life just seems to move along at an even keel and our greatest worries are whether or not Stanley left the ice box open again.

About the Webcomic and the Artist:

Life on 66 is a mix story arc strip.  Occasionally you may have tales that expand over the Monday / Wednesday updates and from time to time you will find the day a gag strip.

The two main characters of the strip are M.J. and Stanley.  Both work together at the Gas Can, and from time to time may find themselves on an adventure or two.  Whether it’s hunting gnomes down with Stanley, or taking off to the local soda shop to see the skaters emerge for the first day of spring.  Along with M.J. and Stanley are Ginger and Pauline who work at the local diner, as well as other cast and the occasional guest appearance that help to bring this little town to life.

The creator of Life on 66 is Micheal Phelps (no not the Olympic swimmer). Michael has been in the art industry since 1969.  He served as a commercial/industrial graphic artist for 10 straight years doing blue print reading, line drawing, photo retouching to creating service manuals for companies like John Deere.  Michael learned a lot of his cartoon styles from Dick Hoyt and his Pen Art Studio.  After years of deadlines and sitting at a drawing table day after day Michael needed out.  He went into police/firefighting but continued to stay close to his passion of art doing drawings for local companies and newspapers.

After retirement Michael found that he had some free time on his hands and started creating webcomics, and as a past reader of Blue No. 7 and an avid reader of Life on 66 I can say we are glad he did.

So grab you a moon pie and an ice cold cola and head on over and enjoy your ride as you see what Life on 66 is like.  While your there be sure to drop in and say hi to the gals at the diner, but make take it from me, don’t say anything bad about Pauline’s pies. 🙂

Website: http://www.lifeon66.com

Follow Michael on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/BlueNo7

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