Pick of the Week: Little Guardians

Little Guardians takes us to a realm where Tane, the Guardian, fights evil to protect the people of the land.  The story starts with the birth of the new Guardian, but things don’t go according to plan and Doctor Marburger is faced with a conundrum as Lune’s new child turns out to be a girl.  In order to not be the first doctor to deliver a girl to the Guardian a switch is made unknown to Yunda and his wife who were giving birth to a  baby boy in the adjoining room.  Per the doctors request Hazeldella makes the switch before Yunda and his wife can find out, and just in time for Tane to return from a recent fight.

 The story is introduced in the Prologue through the writings of Hazeldella, the Doctors apprentice who is writing a journal of the events that have led up to the existing story line for Subira to read one day so she will know her true past.

As we move forward in time to the first Chapter we find Idem, the son of Tane trying to learn how to fight and protect as the next in line to serve as Guardian. We also find Subira, the actual daughter of Tane living her life with Yunda and his family helping to run his shop.

Little Guardians updates on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and includes other pages linking the story together and bringing you further into what the Guardians have to face.   Thistlewhites Journal chronicles the study of the Supernatural Creatures by Sir Thistlewhite III.

The creators of Little Guardians are Ed Cho and Lee Cherolis.  These two webcomickers together have created an amazing world with an amazing story.

Little Guardians first started back in July of this year so it is still very young in it’s developing story line so catching up via the archives is very easy to do for a new reader, so if you have not been following this long form webcomic now is the time to get started, I guarantee you’ll find yourself anxiously waiting for the next installment.

Website: http://www.littleguardianscomic.com

Follow Little Guardians on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/LGuardiansComic

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