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Madbury by Jynksie follows the life of Hodge Madbury, his family and friends in the New Hampshire town of Granite Hills.   Madbury offers a satirical and humorous look at the world of politics and life around us.   Jynskie promises thought that even though it can have it’s poignant story lines you don’t have to worry about leaving with more intellect than you arrived with.  I’ll just add though, that you will leave with a bigger smile on your face than you arrived with.

The cast of Madbury consists of:

Hodge Madbury – Editor and columnist writer for “The Daily Granite”.  Hodge is one of those guys that you can easily identify with.  It seems most days Hodge finds that for every one step he takes forward, something knocks him back two.   His dream is to one day be the next great American Author.

Melinda Madbury – Mel is Hodge’s wife, a strong willed, opinionated career woman, who still has a huge soft spot for her husband.   Mel spends a lot of her time helping to keep her husband grounded and keeping him on the right track, which some days is more of a challenge than I’m sure she expected.

Domino Pappajonghino – (Say that last name 5 times fast [grin]) Domino is Hodge’s long time friend and the local barkeep as the Granite Street Pub.  When he’s not pouring drinks down Hodge’s gullet he’s moving Hodge along on his words and turning them into actions, much to Mel’s dismay.   Hodge is a self proclaimed ladies man, but one gal has caught his eye and his heart.  Maggie May Waddilove.

Maggie May Waddilove – She is Melinda’s easy, laid back mother.  With 5 marriages under her belt, Maggie has not shown any signs of slowing down, though Mel wishes she would at least consider.   Maggie shows that getting old doesn’t mean you have to stop and sit still, she has a fervor for life and is ready to enjoy what ever each new day brings.

Rounding out the cast are Mr. Bigotto the boss of “The Daily Granite” and the resident lesbians (That’s right, I said lesbians…see got your attention didn’t I) Sami and Kalena, who recently just got married and it almost became a huge fiasco thanks to Hodge.

Scott Jenkins (Jynskie) has created a fun world with Madbury that brings a very humours look to life and things most of us experience from day to day as well as very humorist jabs at politics and culture.  Not only is Scott a great cartoonist, but he is a great promoter of other cartoonists as well.   With Madbury, Jynksie has created an ongoing comic story line that serves up ongoing story arcs as well as gag a day strips.

Jynksie has recently brought Madbury back after a few months break with a new look and an new logo, so all that’s missing now is you.  The archives are not so immense that you can’t easily start at the first and catch yourself up.  I guarantee once you get over there and meet these folks you’ll want to spend as much time as you can in Granite Hills.

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  1. [blinks] …. well then, color me flattered! Thank you for recommending MADBURY! Had I known this was coming, I would have, ya know, UPDATED! [smirk]

    Seriously, a humble thanks!

  2. Oh lord this site has really gone down hill when you pick Madbury. haha. Just kidding. I love Madbury b/c Scott and I share the same sense of humor. Some might say we share the same brain but that is pushing it.

  3. I love Madbury! Jynksie has such a unique and snarky humor that he encapsulates his characters in, that you simply have to laugh at their triumphs and troubles. I always look forward to reading this series andI’m pleased that it was Pick-O’-The-Week.

  4. Anyone who follows Jynskie on Twitter(@jynksiecomics) is sure to realize they’re dealing with a man of great wit (smirk), with enough cheeky bravado to keep them magnetized. Madbury is funny and edgy and never shirks at subject matter others might be hesitant to create. If you want to know Jynksie, read Madbury and you’ll find him in every tiny crevice (or orifice, even) of that great strip. The art is vibrant and visually distinctive, and never fails to entertain. Congrats, Jynksie, this is well-deserved!

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