Pick of the Week: Meat Shield

Meat Shield follows the adventures of Dhur, a half-orc barbarian warrior as he travels from land to land doing what he’s paid to do, kill things and take their stuff.  Along this journey he’s accompanied by Jaine, who wants to become a master bard so she is following Dhur on his adventures hoping to pull enough from their exploits to create a masterpiece that will warm the hearts of all who hear it.  Along these exploits they meet Ch’p, who Dhur saves the life of thus he becomes indebted to Dhur for this deed and is ready to return the favor at the drop of a hat.

 Meat Shield is a long form webcomic which updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Meat Shield started off in Black and White but now is posted in full color which really brings to life the many lands that these travelers find themselves in.  Along the way their band of travelers has grown and they have found themselves in more peculiar situations than a  Chimera Hound could eat.

 The creator of Meat Shield is Rob Chambers.  Rob has been drawing cartoons all his life, and served as editorial cartoonist in high school and later at California State University, Northridge’s Daily Sundial.  He graduated from California State University with a Bacherlor’s Degree in Art and claims some of his influences are Berke Breathed, the late Randy Wicks, and Phil Foglio.

Rob has created a wonderful fantasy world, Ardris, where humans aren’t the only species.   This world is full of Elves, Dwarves, and many other mystical creatures.  The world and the characters are influenced by fantasy roll play games such as D&D and WoW, though as Rob has stated he’s tried to keep the geek babble to a minimum.

So grab your sword, find the right outfit and let’s head down the trail with Dhur, Jaine, and Ch’p on their next exciting adventure in the webcomic world of Meat Shield.

Website: www.meatshield.net

Follow Rob Chambers on Twitter – http://www.twitter.com/RT_Chambers

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  1. Yay! Thanks, folks! I’ve been a big fan of the Webcomic Workshop podcasts and it almost feels like I’ve “levelled up” with being chosen Pick of the Week! Thanks again!

      • Oops, sorry about that Rob. I’ll fix that today. I really enjoyed going thru the archives and getting to know your webcomic and your characters. I’ve added you to my list of webcomics to keep up with. You are doing a great job with this webcomic. Keep it up.

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