Pick of the Week: Far From Home

What is Far From Home:

Far From Home drops us into the lives of Lt. John Waters and his co-pilot Mr. Eynk as they are on a scouting mission as members of the Stellar Corp: Law Enforcement Division.  Their initial mission finds them out on a scouting mission in one of the fastest most maneuverable ships Stellar Corp has.

About the Webcomic and the Artist:

Far From Home started back in February and updates once a week. It is a long form webcomic and is currently in the Prologue of the ongoing story so characters are still being introduced and the over all plot is still developing, so now is definitely a great time to join in on this adventure.

The two main characters are Lt. John Waters, pilot of the scout ship “Calvin”, and Mr. Eynk who serves as his navigator.  John’s approach to missions is to get in and get out, and have some fun while doing it.  Mr. Eynk has a very by the books approach and sometimes their two different techniques clash.

Their mission has found them being chased and fired upon by Pirates, causing them to set aside their differences and work together to out maneuver and escape from their pursuers.


The creator of Far From Home is Mike Martin. Mike describes himself as a dabbler in art and writing who happens to like comics. By his art work, the way he using textures, shading, and backgrounds to bring his work to life I would say he is definitely a lot more than just a dabbler.

Far From Home is a very young webcomic but the story telling and visual look of it make it feel like something that has been maturing for years.  Mike definitely has put his heart and soul into this webcomic.  So for a fun space adventure look no further than Far From Home.

Website: www.mightymartianstudios.com

Follow Mike on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mike_mmstudios

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  1. Wow, what a surprise! Thanks for the nice write-up ya bunch of liars!

    Seriously, tho’, this means quite a lot to me. My first review! Woo hoo! Thanks,again, wow . . . did not expect that . . .

    Really appreciate the write-up!


    • It was my pleasure Mike. You’ve definitely poured a lot into this webcomic and it shows. It was my honor to promote it via the POTW segment. Keep up the good work and looking forward to the next update.

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