Pick of the Week: Nathan Sorry


I’ve been tasked with a Pick of the Week, and with so many good long form webcomics out there, I had a hell of a time deciding who I wanted to put in the spotlight first. Looking at my list, I knew I had to start by giving props to the talented Rich Barrett, author of the dark web drama, Nathan Sorry.

The story follows the namesake character, Nathan Sorry – a timid wallflower of a man, thrust into the middle of an embezzlement scheme cooked up by one of his co-workers by the name of Pryor. During a clandestine rendezvous with a mysterious woman, Nathan accidentally takes a briefcase containing a laptop full of information and documents belonging to a fictional persona by the name of James Goode. This alias was to be used by Pryor as a plan to make his escape from the country and assume a new life.

Instead, Nathan misses his flight back to New York on September 11, 2001 – the same day where the airliners crashed their planes into the Twin Towers and the offices that Nathan Sorry worked at. Troubled with the dilemna of returning home and telling everyone he is alive and well while hanging on to the bilked assets of some angry investors, Nathan turns tail and runs, trying to leave his past behind to become James Goode in the present. Unfortunately for James, the mistakes of Nathan’s past could come back to haunt him, and his indiscretions in the present could cause his new life to unravel.

Written in a mixture of current time and flashbacks, Nathan Sorry is a slow burner guaranteed to keep your interest. Its not an action packed story, but what it lacks in physical action, Nathan Sorry really makes up for in suspense and drama. If you like your longform webcomics playing out like a dramatic movie, you definitely need to check out Nathan Sorry if you haven’t already.

Andrés ‘ Drezz ‘ Rodriguez is the new guy here at Webcomic Alliance and is the author of the modern noir Online Graphic Novel entitled El Cuervo.  In his spare time he works as a stunt man on MTV’s Jackass and as a punching bag for UFC Fighter Georges St. Pierre.  If you have any suggestions for upcoming tutorials, feel free to connect with him on Google+ or you can follow him on Twitter at @ElCuervoComic

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