Pick of the Week: Pinkerton Park

Pinkerton Park follows the lives and misadventures of four odd ball friends; Tucker, Buckley, Steve, and Martin.  These critters find themselves in all sorts of peculiar situations often brought on by their own doing.  They may not always see eye to eye but they are always there for each other and ready to help or bail each other out.

Mike Witmer, creator of Pinkerton Park, brings a very cool and  unique style to his characters. The story style  is best described as mixed, with sometimes gag a day strips and at times longer story arcs that take us on another mad cap adventure.  Pinkerton Park started back in 2007 and updates on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.   It is currently syndicated online by GoComics and has several books published by Th3rd World Studios for you to purchase to take Pinkerton Park along with ya.

The characters attitudes compliment each other so well that it creates an exchange between them that any reader can find a situation or character they can relate with.  Whether you can relate to the hardships of fatherhood through the eyes of Tucker, or you find an outlet for Moose’s everywhere through the rantings of Steve; your sure to find a story line or character that just grabs you like a rabid squirrel and won’t let go.


So if you like to laugh, enjoy hanging out with your friends, and want a webcomic that will make you feel good at the end of the day and long for the next installment look no further than Pinkerton Park.

Website: www.pinkertonpark.com

Follow Mike Witmer on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/pinkertonpark

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