Pick of the Week: Plus One

What is Plus One:

Plus One is a webcomic about one couples transformation into parents.  The webcomic centers around Desmon and Violet as they go thru the obstacle course called life as a parent.  Fortunately they aren’t alone on this journey and are surrounded by friends and family that are there to help support and encourage them along the way.

 About the Webcomic and the artist:

Plus One is a long form webcomic, starting with the news that Desmon and Violet may be pregnant, the confirmation of the pregnancy, the lead up to delivery and the adjustment to life after Anna’s arrival.  Along the way Desmon and Violet have seen their share of road blocks in their own lives, but always over come them together.

 The creator of Plus One is Dustin Reese.  Plus One just passed it’s 2 year mark a while back and keeps on going strong due to Dustin’s creativity and great story telling.

This is Dustin’s second comic; the first being a strip entitled Short Lived which ran for 2 years and updated 3 times a week.  He also created Apartment 8 which runs in the University of Oregon student paper, The Oregon Daily Emerald.

Plus One is a very well done webcomic that chronicles the lives of Desmon, Violet, and Anna.  Over it’s 2 year run it has found us questioning whether the couple was ready for a child, welcoming Anna home, and balancing a job, and eventually losing a job while trying to raise a family.   Along the way we’ve met their friends and family and are now going along with them as they move to the city.  This strip presents parenting in all it’s glory, fear, and adventure.

So if you want to a webcomic that’s gonna give you characters you can both relate and care about, help you laugh at life’s road bumps, and give us parents relateable stories look no further than Plus One.

Website: http://www.plusone.com

Follow Dustin Reese on twitter – twitter.com/thedustud

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