Pick of the Week: Reptilis Rex

One thing V warned us about in the 80’s and just a few years ago was that the Lizard People are coming, but V didn’t prepare us for this.  Reptilis Rex by William Tallman takes us on a journey with the once great Emperor of the underworld “Reptilis Rex”.  But keep that a secret, everyone up here just knows him as Krel, and he and his servant Snide want to keep it that way or else Krel will find himself in a lot of trouble.

Unfortunately for the Reptoid people work is hard to come by unless you have a human sponsor and recently Krel and Snide had lost their jobs due to an unfortunate misunderstanding.

But as with any set back this sends our duo in the pursuit of a new job and forward into the life they now have to endure above ground.  Needless to say some of the humans aren’t too happy about having to share their jobs with the Reptoids and turmoil is bound to occur.

Just as things are looking bleak for Krel and Snide a stint in the pokey brings a new friend into their lives.  One Mr. Cyrus Murdock who considers himself an expert on the Lizards, at least that what he tells his internet friends.   Cyrus ceases this opportunity and becomes a sponsor for Krel and Snive and finds them a job at the retail store he works at.  Since lizards don’t get paid as much as their human counterparts it’s a win win for Cyrus’ employer, well at least it appears to be on paper.

William Tallman, if that is his real name, has created a fun world where we get to see how two very different species learn to co-exist and adapt to each others cultures.   This comic series explores everything from cultural to religious differences in a way sheds a light on the way we are around each other. Sure we’re not living with Reptoids, but each of us bring a different aspect of our culture and history with us where we go and Reptilis Rex reflects how those differences make us who we are.

Reptilis Rex updates Monday thru Thursday and currently only has 4 months worth of archives so a new reader can easily jump on board and be caught up on the story in no time.  So come on over and join the fun at Reptilis Rex and watch as the once great emperor “Reptilis Rex”, now known as Krel, and Snide struggle to adjust.  Will Krel adjust to the human world or will his antics continue until he is eventually discovered causing he and Snide to be sent back to “Hollow Earth”?  Tune in to find out.


Check out Reptilis Rex here: www.reptilisrex.com

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