Pick of the Week: Robot Beach

What is Robot Beach:

Robot Beach takes us to an isolated island where we meet the star Robot and his gang of friends.   Robot has a desire to figure out what his purpose is and what else is out there beyond the shoreline.  With friends like Carl and Larry by his side Robot finds that his days are going to be anything but boring.

About the Webcomic and the Artist:

Robot Beach is a long form story with gag a day strips dropped in from time to time.  It updates Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the occasional Sunday strip (Larry’s Lazy Sunday Strip).

The three main characters are Robot, Carl, and Larry.  However recently Sam, a human girl has come into their lives rather unexpectedly.  Lots have happened to Robot in the last 2 years, he’s discovered that he’s not the only robot on the island and now has the opportunity to find out more about man and what is beyond the beach.

Robot has been on this island for a very long time, standing watching out over the span of the ocean, not knowing what to do, until he met Larry and Carl and their friendship pulled him from the monotony of his existence.  Robot has always longed to find out what else it out there and hoping beyond hope that it’s not just whale pee. 🙂

The creator of Robot Beach is Matt Forcum.  Matt is a motion graphic artist, a teacher, and a darn good webcomicker.  Matt came up with the concept of Robot Beach many years ago while bored at lunch.  He started sketching out a little robot wearing swim trunks, and voila Robot Beach was born.  Matt’s style is very fresh and original.  Robot Beach definitely shows Matt’s abilities not only as an artist but as a very talented storyteller.

So grab your sunscreen, wax up your surfboard and head on over to Robot Beach and see what Robot, Larry, Carl and Sam are up to today.  I guarantee you’ll have a great time.

Website: http://www.robotbeach.com

Follow Matt on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/robotbeach



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