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Aidan Casserly’s “Scapula” is a fantastic, twisted and warped comic that is filled with wondrous characters rendered in an original style that is a delight to the eye.  Aidan himself must have a dual personality as from my discussions with him on Twitter, he seems an intelligent and funny guy, yet “Scapula” is filled with all types of perverse references that make you laugh then think almost immediately “Why did I laugh?”

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So, what is “Scapula” that has this old fart simultaneously laughing out loud and then going “What the hell?”  Scapula is a 36 year old super villain whose real name is Edward.  Despite his many attempts, Scapula fails at becoming the crime boss of the city he lives in.  You get a taste of this from the very first comic back in 2008 when Scapula robs a band and ends up with nothing buy a pile of dog poo instead of cash.  It is this sense of failure, not being a perfect villain, which actually draws you into Scapula’s world.  In a slightly disturbing way, we relate to Scapula.

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Aiden’s ability to draw fantastic expressions with comic aptitude amazes me.  It’s what, if you’ll pardon the accidental pun, drew me into the comic in the first place.  These aren’t static panels, no; they’re wild, abundantly visual attacks on your neurons.  From wide eyed “What?!”  to simple “oh man” expressions, Aidan has them all down, especially Scapula’s angry face.

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Don’t get me wrong, I love “Scapula” and the cutting edge humor Aidan possesses.  It’s the risks he takes being so edgy that keeps me coming back time and time again.  Like clockwork, every Sunday “Scapula” updates with a full page colored comic.

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Aidan himself is a talented illustrator and animator by day and it shows in “Scapula”.  I think you will find Scapula and his band of monsters and fiends a worthy addition to your RSS reader.  You can find Aidan on Twitter under the handle of @DadaHyena .

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  1. Scapula is again one of those comics I found through twitter a little over a year ago and it took me a while to dedicate time to it, but once I did and dug through the archives and caught up with the on going story I have really enjoyed it’s quirky approach to the villain genre. Aidan’s art and story telling create a really fun and twisted world where once it get’s a hold you find yourself vested in Scapula and the rest of these misfit criminals. Awesome choice for POTW.

  2. This guy has it going on, whether it be his comic or his onscreen personality… you have to like the world this man creates around him! #TrueStory

  3. Aww, so nice to be showcased here at the ol’ Webcomic Alliance. Thank you kindly for the nice write-up, Byron, and a big thanks to all of you readers as well!

    Support your local webcomic!

  4. Reading Scapula is one of my weekend treats. It’s a series that I happily look forward to diving into.

    Aidan has such a unique writing style and he makes you feel the pain for the underdog, even if said underdog is a lowdown, rotten scoundrel.

    I’ll be a fan for as long as Casserly continues to create it.

  5. First and foremost Aidan Casserly is a whole Pick of the Week all unto himself! The night before Scapula is posted is like waiting in line at an enormous roller coaster, your hands are sweaty because you just know you’re about to take the ride of your life! Aidan mixes some outrageous with surreal, sprinkles in some horrific, cracks in some pathos, stirs with a bit of satire, then puts it in the creation oven at 350 degrees until it’s perfectly cooked, and tops it all off with a healthy slathering of humor – an unbeatably delicious confection! If you haven’t experienced Scapula, you’re really missing out!

  6. I don’t keep up regular-like visitations with the webcomics I read. I will let weeks go by before I head over and catch up with stories etc… EXCEPT for Scapula. I visit every week and get my dose of that miserable failure Scap.

    The things I enjoy about Scapula… The monstrous characters are interesting, the plots are often ridiculous & silly, and it’s always fun to pick out details in Aidan’s wonderfully drawn panels & landscapes. The expressions, the gestures, the one-liners… keep me coming back.

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