Pick of the Week: Spy6Teen

On the exterior, Cally Calhoon seems like your typical unassuming 16 year old girl. She attends high school and is interested in boys, but there’s one major difference.

She’s a high tech spy!

As one of the last entries into DC’s Zuda competition a few years ago, Spy6Teen garnered an instant following after posting their original 8 page short about a teenage spy who specializes in creating intel on interdimensional threats. With a boatload of gadgetry and physics, Spy6Teen fills the sci-fi teen superhero genre nicely.

This Online Graphic Novel series team is comprised of 5 people – Tim Simmons writes, DJ Keawekane is the lead artist, Lisa Moore does colors, Brant Fowler does the lettering and flats, and editing duties are controlled by DJ Kirkbride. You would think that too many cooks spoil the broth – not so in this case. Team 16 has put together such a seamless working environment despite being several time zones apart, and their dedication shows by producing such a fun, dynamic and exciting comic series.

By blending physics, science fiction, high tech gadgetry, and time travel into the main storyline, Spy6Teen has enough to pique your interest and keep you reading. It seems like a lot to wrap your head around, but trust me – it’s very easy to get invested in this series. Even though it appears to be geared towards the young adult, the series has something for everyone – sci-fi junkies, fans of the North American superhero comic book style, or the action/spy genre will be highly entertained.

So far, Team 16 has completed 3 issues that are available for sale digitally and in print, and they’ve jumped headlong into Issue 4, where we learn more about some of the supporting cast. If you haven’t heard of it, check Spy6Teen out and give your support to the Team. It helps keep them motivated and excited to produce more stellar content.

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  1. Awesome find Drezz. Thanks for choosing this as POTW. I can’t wait to dig into it and check this out for myself. Seems like a really fun and exciting comic series.

    • I’ve been following this one since the Zuda competition. That round had some great individual work, and I’m glad that Tim and DJ and co. decided to take a shot and have a go at the independent route.

      Keep your eyes peeled the next time I’m up for POTW, Jules. You’ll probably be pleasantly surprised.

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