Pick of the Week: Tara Normal

Tara Normal

Who is Tara Normal:

Tara Normal can best be described as part Nancy Drew, part Fox Mulder (X-Files).  Tara is a Paranormal Private Investigator that helps solve the un-explainable cases with some help from folks like Shadowman, an out of body Sheriff, and a baby Cthulhu to name a few.   Whether she’s battling zombies, kicking Werewolf butt, or facing a 40 foot Teddy Roosevelt you can bet she’ll be doing it with style and spunk.

Tara Normal vs. Zombie Michael Jackson

About the Webcomic and the artist:

Tara Normal is a long form webcomic that is broken into separate case files.


Creator Howie Noel not only has this webcomic, but is also a professional caricaturist, as well as creator of a graphic novel ‘Mr. Scootles’ and a Mini-comic ‘Vincent’ .  Howie’s work can also be found in the TAPS Paramagazine where he creates a comic that runs in every issue.  Currently Howie is working on Case Zero showing the adventures of a young Tara Normal and her origins.  This trade paperback will be available in August.

Tara Normal is drawn in a very cool and colorful style that breathes life into the characters and adds intensity to situations with the stunning backgrounds, line depth, and effects.  Each of the characters you encounter along the way you get some emotion out of, you find yourself pulling for Tara, laughing along with Shadowman, or wanting to punch Painbow Fright in the face.  Howie creates an environment you long to see more of and you find yourself waiting anxiously for the next update.

"...adds intesity to the situations with the stunning backgrounds, line depth, and effects"

This webcomic’s got everything you could ever want; Mystery, comedy, and the Supernatural.  You’ll find yourself rooting right along with Tara and being drawn in by the colorful world that Howie has created.  For a fun action packed webcomic look no further than Tara Normal.

Website: http://taranormal.com

Follow H.C. Noel on Twitter – twitter.com/hcnoel

Follow Tara on Twitter – twitter.com/tara_normal

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  1. Congrats on the feature, Howie. Your work is great. Love your attention to detail, and your color is spectacular. You recently broadcasted a TaraNormal online radio show, would love to hear more about that!

  2. @DadaHyena Thank you my friend. Us twisted people need to stick together!

    @Mark Stokes Thank you, Mark! I really appreciate it. I just started a radio show that occurs every other Monday online at http://www.liveparanormal.com . My wife Shelley and I basically just talk about some weird paranormal cases involving art and kinda improv about them. My next show is on July 11 at 8:30 PM EST

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