Pick of the Week: The Abominable Charles Christopher

Who is the Abominable Charles Christopher:

The Abominable Charles Christopher has been given a large responsibility.  He has been chosen to help protect the forest and her animals as a new danger encroaches in.   Charles feels the draw of the mission and moves forward cautiously and innocently towards his goal in life.

Karl Kerschl, creator of The Abominable Charles Christopher, takes us into the depth of the forest and brings to life the animals that lie within.   We get to see their lives as we have never seen before.   We get to see them interact with one another in ways that one could only imagine; to see their lives as we see our lives.

About the Webcomic and the Creator:

The Abominable Charles Christopher is a long form webcomic that is broken out into other parallel story arcs and a back story about Vivol & Moon Bear.  The webcomic started back in June of 2007, and updates every Wednesday.   The main character of the webcomic is Charles Christopher.  He is a very innocent creature that has great compassion for the animals in Cedar Forest, and as his journey and destiny move him forward he finds that he is to be the protector of Cedar Forest and her inhabitants.

Karl Kerschl is no stranger to comics having drawn them professionally for the last 15 years.  Kerschl’s credits include work on Superman, The Flash and Teen Titans.  Karl lives in Montreal and won a Shuster Award in 2010 for ‘Outstanding Canadian Webcomic’.  He was nominated for an Eisner Award for ‘Best Digital Comic” in 2008 and 2010.

Karl brings a very detail enriched style to his work that brings these animals to life in a photo realistic fashion.  This style causes each page to pull you into their world and connects you to these animals that you see daily in a more personal way.

So for a webcomic that will leave you with a feeling of awe, and take you into a world you can only imagine with such clarity and detail that makes you feel you are there look no further than The Abominable Charles Christopher.

Website: www.abominable.cc  and www.karlkershl.com

Follow Karl on Twitter:www.twitter.com/karlkershl




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