Pick of the Week: The Bean

The Bean was created by Travis Hanson and takes us into a mythical land filled with Trolls, Goblins, Ogres, fairies and Dragons.  The main character of the story is a young half-elf known as Bean.  Bean has been taken in by Gort, owner of the Silver Dagger Inn and spends his days working in the Tavern and helping out.   Little does Bean know that his destiny is far greater than that of a servant to an Ogre, and one day while on a task for the Inn fate finally finds Bean and he is captured and thus this chain of events starts him down an incredible journey that will forever change his life and the inhabitants of Darkleaf.

As Bean finds himself thrust into the hands of fate and his future destiny, and uprising is taking place between Goblins and a group of Humans to take back Darkleaf and put the land once again into the hands of the Goblins. Siv, the Barkeep at the Silver Dagger Inn, while out looking for Bean stumbles upon this army of goblins and learns of their plans to eradicate all the people and to over throw the town of Heartleaf. Siv escapes the goblin army camp with the information and in his journey to warn the people of Heartleaf he realizes that his friends at the Silver Dagger Inn are all in danger and rushes back to warn them ahead of the now advancing army.

Travis Hanson is an artist and storyteller that has been down a 12 year road with The Bean. After some ups and downs Travis finally brought bean back to the online comic realm in 2009. Updating twice a week Travis is retelling the story of The Bean that was once an illustrated Novel in a format and layout that he has become very passionate about.

Travis’ attention to detail and the story line of this long form webcomic make it an easy choice for POTW for me. I discovered The Bean several weeks ago and instantly became hooked. One of the great things about this comic is that you don’t have to be a fan of LOTR or other mythical stories to find these characters exciting and find yourself pulled into the story and longing to know what lies ahead.  The mythical world that Travis has created he brings to life with awe inspiring detail and has created characters whose lives intersect each other and help to grow this relationship to one another through this time of great turmoil and strife.


Things are just now getting started with the uprising of the goblin army, and the direction of The Beans fate and what his role will be. So I challenge new readers to come on over and check out The Bean. Dedicate sometime and jump back to the First and catch up. With a bi-weekly update you’ll find yourself caught up to the newest updates in no time. Click here and join the adventure. The Bean.


Website: http://beanleafpress.com
Follow Travis on Twitter: http://twitter.com/Travsthebean

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