Pick of the Week: The Guns of Shadow Valley

There’s nothing as bad-ass as an old-school western. Now throw in a touch of the supernatural and a posse of cowboys with superpowers, and you have a recipe for something that is absolutely amazing. In the Guns of Shadow Valley by Dave Wachter and James Andrew Clark, we’re treated to a story full of style reminiscent of the turn of the pre-19th century Wild West.

In the heart of Shadow Valley lies a secret that must be guarded by a group of reluctant partners, lest it falls into the wrong hands. These men(and a woman) are tasked with protecting the valley from the impending doom brought forth by the mysterious Dumont and his servant, the Bible verse spouting Colonel Thadeus Bale and his evil troops.

You have Killshot Cooper, a young and impetuous adult who is a gifted marksman, drifter Frank Breakneck Kelley, the fastest man in the West, you have Shousan the gentle Cantonese giant with extraordinary strength, the lovely Pearl is the clarivoyant and very persuasive firecracker of the group, and last but not least, their leader is the law bending Sheriff Bill Dawson.

What the posse’s true quest is remains uncertain. What we do know is The Guns of Shadow Valley provides great entertainment in the Western genre, sure to impress all who view Dave Wachter’s art and James Andrew Clark’s writing. Guns was also nominated for an Eisner award for best digital comic in 2010, and its very easy to see why.

Check out The Guns of Shadow Valley if you love tales about the old West, spiced up with the supernatural. Be warned, this is a mature comic for scenes of violence. You’ve been warned, pardner.

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  1. Spent time this morning and read this one. Man, I can’t wait until the Hiatus is over and we get to see more. A really awesome find, thank you so much for sharing it with us Drezz.

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