Pick of the Week: The Mighty Monocle

Mighty Monocle is the Tale of a British Superhero unlike any other British Superhero before him…an American.  The tale follows Ralph, who was officially the worst Superhero in New York, as he takes on the role of Mighty Monocle the newest superhero to the National Superhero Services (NSS) in Peesingdon-on-Sea, England.

Mighty Monocle is a young webcomic that started back in February 2011 and updates every Monday, so catching up on the story arc via the archives will not be difficult for new readers.  It is a mixed form webcomic with a gag a day type writing, but with a long form story as Ralph get’s accustomed to his new surroundings and Peesingdon-on-Sea get’s accustomed to the Mighty Monocle.

Imagine if you were the mock of the US Superheroes, the lowest scoring Superhero to date; would you give up…No, you’d pack your bags and head over to jolly ole England to give things a try.  What better place to settle down than Peesingdon-on-Sea, a small town that just might need the help of a new Superhero.  Especially after the Mighty Monocle is done. 🙂

Ralph find himself assigned a new partner, part robot, part dog named Terry who had the desire to join the N.S.S. with Superhero status but was turned down thanks to this new Yankee chap that had just joined the ranks.   Terry serves as the voice of reason from time to time and finds being a sidekick to the Mighty Monocle is definitely going to be a tough job.

The creator of Mighty Monocle is D.M. Rolfe.  Rolfe lists his earliest creative influences as Quentin Blake, Ronald Searle, Roger Hargreaves and several other artist, as well as great British Cartoon classics like Danger Mouse, Banana Man, Fred Bassett, etc.

Back in 1997, whilst submitting topical cartoons on an ad hoc basis he was advised by one of his editors to enter a cartooning competition and went on to win and earn the title of ‘The Times Newspaper Young Cartoonist of the Year’.  Over the years Rolfe continued to submit cartoons to British publications such as Punch, Private Eye, Readers Digest, The Spectator, and The Times newspaper.

Now Rolfe brings his unique style and sharp wit to the webcomic industry with his newest creation, Mighty Monocle.

He may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but he’s got dedication and is guaranteed to make you smile.  So for a fun and different Superhero story look no further than Mighty Monocle.

Website: http://www.mightymonocle.com

Follow Mighty Monocle on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/mightymonocle

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