Pick of the Week: The Ouro Brothers and the Neverending Tour

Who are the Ouro Brothers:

The Ouro Brothers consist of Balthazar and Stan Ouro, two musically talented brothers that are on a never ending tour that takes them from gig to gig, living the life of a musician on the road.  They came into a fair amount of money that allows them to sustain themselves for a bit of time, and really have no solid place to call home.  If you were talented musically, had sustainable income and no place to call home what would you do?  So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to pull up stakes and just travel and play your music at different venues, then come along and take a ride with the boys.  You’ll find that it’s not the destination; it’s the getting there were the real adventure lies.



About the Webcomic and the artist:

The Ouro Brothers and the Neverending Tour is a long form webcomic but it doesn’t feel that way with small adventures happening along the way.  This makes it easy for a new reader to easily jump on board and with just a few clicks into the archives you’re able to pick up with the existing story and move forward.

The creators are Jeff Burkholder and Jeremy Bentley, with Jeff writing and Jeremy providing the illustration.  Ouro Brothers just passed their one year mark a month ago, and boy has it been a fun ride, and there are still lots more to come.

Jeremy is a very talented artist, and has personal experiences with performing in bands in the past that he contributes to the story, and is currently the drummer for The French Revolution.

Jeff is writer and/or cartoonist for The Ouro Bros., Zoidland, The Social Life of Frank and Linh, and Gloaming Gap.


Ouro Brothers and the Neverending Tour is a very funny and very well drawn webcomic.  They create characters that you get instantly drawn to and find yourself investing in to the point that you are able to relate to the things they are going thru.  Along the way the brothers have met some very unusual people, found themselves in some precarious situations, and have even take as a fellow traveler another bands lead singer.  Whether they are racing across the country to the next gig, arguing with a very outspoken GPS device, or getting fashion tips from a competitive band member, you can bet there’ll be plenty of laughs.

So for a Rock and Roll filled adventure, grab your gear, load up and join in on the road trip that is The Ouro Brothers and the Neverending Tour.

Website: http://www.ourobros.com

Follow  Jeremy Bentley on twitter – twitter.com/thebestjeremy

Follow Jeff Burkholder on twitter – twitter.com/zoidland


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    • You are most welcome. I really enjoy what y’all are doing with your webcomic, enjoy the characters, and am glad to have the opportunity to share your strip to others this way. Keep up the good work guys.

  1. This is indeed an awesomeness to behold. So it’s been beheld. …Beholden? Oh, wait, that word’s never used in a positive context. Erm… I like!

  2. Eee! The symbolism nerd in me is totally geeking out at the title. “Ouro Bros” + Neverending –> Ouroboros, the serpent eating its tail, a symbol of the infinite. Awesome. Must take a look at this based on that alone. 🙂

    • Hey Robin!

      Glad you picked up on the ouroboros reference. You’d be surprised at all the hidden stuff that is taking place in our comic. Glad you got something out of this post!

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