Pick of the Week: Underwhelmed

What is Underwhelmed:

Underwhelmed follows the life of Doyle, a pudgy little redhead whose adventures involve video games, TV and Food.   He is continually driven crazy by his sisters and mom.  His best friend is Gunther, a tall nerdy kid who like Doyle finds that all of life’s problems can usually be solved in front of a good video game, helps to add that outlet for Doyle and manages to accompany him on many of his escapades.

About the Webcomic and the Artist:

Underwhelmed updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  It  could easily be described as a gag a day strip with continual story lines thrown in from time to time.   As we venture along with Doyle we discover that he is driven by only two things in life, video games and food.   He’s your typical little boy who would much rather hang out all day and have fun and have others wait on him.

He continually torments his little sister Tuesday, who returns those favors every chance she gets.   Often we find Tuesday and Doyle butting heads over one thing or another.   Kate is Doyle’s older sister who seems to always get everything handed to her, but being the oldest she also finds that she is responsible for Doyle and Tuesday from time to time.

The cast is filled out with other kids that grace Doyle’s life from time to time.  His schoolmate Freddie just seems to have a knack on knowing which buttons to push to drive Doyle crazy.  Don’t tell him this but I think he’s got a bit of a crush on her.   She’d probably barf if she found that out. 🙂   Ted, Hank and Gary are others recurring cast that we will meet from time to time.  Hank and Gary are always trying to find a way to pull a practical joke on Doyle, so watch out for those two.

The creator of Underwhelmed is Sean McLean.  Sean states he first started Underwhelmed as a way to see if he could actually do a comic and do it on a regular schedule.  Well I’ll say after 3 years Sean has definitely proven not only can he do a comic, but he can create one that just get’s funnier and funnier each post.

So for a webcomic that will make you remember those times when life was simpler and your biggest concerns were, “How do you beat Bowser?” and “What’s for Dinner?”, look no further than the adventures of Doyle and his friends in Underwhelmed.

Website: www.underwhelmedcomic.com

Follow Sean on Twitter: www.twitter.com/DoyleComic



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  1. I approve of this pick of the week. 🙂 Thanks, guys. Oh yeah, and on that last one. I will neither confirm nor deny that that actually happened.

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