Pick of the Week: Zombie Boy

Who is Zombie Boy?

Eleven year old Morgan McCorkindale had himself a little accident on a family vacation to Voodoo Island and has now become Zombie Boy.  Zombie Boy and his friends traverse the pitfalls of life as kids, with one major advantage, the power of voodoo.


About the Webcomic and the creator:

Zombie Boy follows the life of Morgan McCorkindale after he has been transformed into Zombie Boy.  The flow of the webcomic is a gag a day strip with a background story line that ties these together.  The Webcomic updates Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

Zombie Boy is joined in his adventures by his friends Duncan and Beatrice.  Zombie finds the occasional curse cast upon him by Claustria, a wiccan with a bit of an attitude.  Zombie and his friends find that school is hard enough, but when you’ve got a voodoo casting friend on your side there’s never such a thing as a dull day.

The creator of Zombie Boy is Mark Stokes.  Mark has been creating Zombie Boy since 1987 as a self-published comic book.  More recently in August 2010 Zombie Boy joined the likes of the Webcomic community and continues to grow it’s readership there to this day.

Mark creates a world where the supernatural and natural are on the same plane and even though the characters that do not have supernatural abilities may find themselves in awkward situations they always stay close and their friendships continue to grow.  It’s a very unique approach to the Zombie/Supernatural story seeing the conflicts that having a voodoo friend can bring, yet none of the kids question their friendship and move forward thru it all together.

Zombie Boy is one of those webcomics that really surprises you with it’s approach to the zombie and supernatural genre and brings you back time and time again waiting for the next update to see what this cast of misfits is up to next.  So for a fun webcomic that is guaranteed to have you thinking outside the box and laughing along look no further than Zombie Boy.

Website: www.zombieboycomics.com

Follow Mark Stokes on Twitter: www.twitter.com/krash_pow


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  1. Wh..wh..what!? Pick of the Week? You just turned my Monday into a weekend! Thanks so much Webcomic Alliance, I’m a big fan of your site and podcasts, so this really is a special thrill for me. I especially like the nice write-up, someone did their homework, lol. I guess I can tell Zombie Boy that his little spell worked, heh heh. Sincerely delighted I am, thanks so much!

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  3. Great choice for POTW. I’ve been enjoying the quirky humor and wonderful colors of Zombie Boy ever since I first ran into it. Mark Stokes does a bang-up job of combining the supernatural and everyday comedy.

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