Webcomic Workshop #3

This week, the podcast is covering the following:

  • Ken: How much social media (twitter/facebook) is a good thing?
  • Byron: Designing Ads that work & look good.
  • Antoine: How do you fight a lost of motivation?
  • Dawn: Is it worth it to have buttons/pins/trinkety stuff made for conventions? Do people still buy this stuff?
  • Drink of the Week: Antoine was the “Dude” and was drinking a White Russian
  • Tip of the Week: Interacting with your readers.
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  1. I love re-listening to these podcasts. Mostly because I can’t get enough of the cutdowns on Antoine and Byron’s “supposed” webcomic!! Not to mention, this podcast is appropriately timed since we talk about Byron’s banners which will be/are featured in November 11th’s Dr. Banner – the Banner Doctor. Total coincidence…errr…. I mean expertly planned!

  2. Another entertaining and informative podcast! Thanks guys again!

    I agree about trying to interact with your readers. (Something I’ve been trying to get better about now while I still only have about 6 of them! LOL) If I comment on a comic that I love and I get a comment back, I’m usually over the moon. It makes me feel really happy to know that someone took the time to comment back to me.

    I sell buttons as well, but they have little fanart chibis I’ve done on them. I’m not taking them to cons this year because my bookmarks are doing so much better. But in years past I’ve sold buttons like they were crack. It’s amazing what will and won’t sell!

    I really like the idea of taking your ad and putting it in a screenshot of a website. I’ll have to do that with the banners I’ve been putting together and see if it stands out enough.

    Thanks again guys for taking the time to put this podcast out! I really enjoy listening to it!

    • Glad you liked it Liz. Feel free to ignore the recommendations of the other guys and just hone in on my silky smooth tones!

      Just kidding of course!!

      I guess they have SOME good points now and again! πŸ™‚

    • Hey Liz! Ignore Ken, he’s silly. πŸ™‚

      Glad you liked the podcast! They’re a lot of fun to do and we surprise ourselves sometimes with the ideas that come out of our mouths. I’ve learned a lot already myself.

      Keep toonin’ back in and we’ll keep makin’ them! Subscribe with iTunes is handy too, that’s what I do and I edit the podcasts!

    • Couldn’t agree more about interaction via comments. When we were growing up learning our trade (pre-Internet) how could we ever have done this?
      It’s one of a couple of things I don’t like about PvP Online. I think Kurtz should have a thicker skin, but instead he disabled comments entirely, and shut off community building in the process.

      Good show, gang.

  3. Hey guys (and gal),

    Just wanted to drop you guys a quick line to let you know I listened to Episode #3 while I was folding & stapling my sketchbook I was putting together for the NC Comic Con.

    First, thanks for the shout out towards the end of the show. Really appreciate that mention.

    But secondly, I wanted to talk a bit more about sketch cards. My sketch cards are actually something I started doing just this year and they do seem to be pretty popular. But I specifically wanted to mention what Antoine said in the podcast…

    Yes, the size of a sketch card is pretty small since it is almost the same size as a baseball card. But the thing is… they are almost always exclusively headshots of a particular character. I have only done an occasional full body figure on a sketch card and the results are always so-so. The best ones always seem to be from either the shoulders up or, if you’re drawing a female character, from the chest up. And, because of that, you really don’t need all that much detail but it DOES help if you ink them with different size pens. I usually ink them with .03, .05 and a .08 Micron pens for line variation. And, usually, I can sketch & ink about three or four every lunch break at my day job. I then go home and color them. But because they are so small, the coloring doesn’t take all that much time either.

    I then charge $5.00 for each card. I should also mention that Tyler James sent me a link to a guy who makes his own sketch card templates. I downloaded that guys sketch card template (which he offers for free on his website), altered the template to my linking and then print out the sketch card template on my color printer using thin bristol board sheets. I then cut them out individually with a Exacto blade and ruler.

    At Cons, I have a small notebook that displays the ones I’ve already done but I also keep a bunch of blank ones in the book as well so i can do CUSTOM sketch cards at the show. They take a lot less time to do than 9×12″ commissions. Plus, I have occasionally done caricatures of people on those cards. They were HUGE at Heroes and Baltimore.


    • Thanks for the input Chris!

      I remember seeing that template, and even remember having one of your sketch card in my hands back when we did the Easter Egg contest back in April.

      My question is: People don’t mind having the blue lines on the cards?

      • Hey Antoine,

        Actually, I’m of the belief that people kind of LIKE having the blue lines visible. That way they know they are getting an original piece of art and it kind of makes them feel like they are getting an original page of comic book art.

        Those original comic book pages with all the time lines and border guides… those are REALLY huge sellers at comic cons. So, I think that makes people feel like they’re getting a miniature version of that.

        Plus, depending on what colors your use, the blue lines will show through the colors and that just adds to the “original art” flavor people enjoy…

        • Wow, that is good to know. I think I may add that to the list of stuff to get done for my first real appearances in Cons next year!


  4. Hey Ken,

    Yeah, I wanted to include that link in my post but I’m typing this (and my original post) from work. All of that information – as well as the original PDF template – is bookmarked on my Mac at home and, unfortunately, since I’m heading to the NC Comic Con directly after work today, I won’t be home until real late Sunday evening.

    However, if people are interested in getting that link, they should twitter Tyler James at http://www.twitter.com/TylerJamesComic – he’ll be able to help you out with that sketch card template until I get back on Sunday! πŸ™‚

  5. Doing a bunch of shipping for work so finally got to listen.

    1. Dawn show us some pics of your buttons

    2. I am taking the whole bunch of you off my #FF list..haha

      • I don’t every week but there are weeks that I definitely have paid attention to follow friday and seen if there were people I wasn’t following that I might want to. Most times it was other webcomics.

        I have noticed that I tend to get the most new followers on Friday or Saturday so I am thinking there has to be something to it.

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