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Digby always dreamed of there being more to life than just running errands for his Grandpa at the Space Port.  As fate would have it, there was a lot more than he could ever imagine waiting for him, and soon fate would set him up as the Atomic Terrier.

50 years ago a great threat faced the earth, a threat by the name of Vorlians. The Vorlians were an alien species that had such a grasp of technology that there was very little they could create.  This advanced understanding of technology drove them from planet to planet conquering civilizations.  That was until they met The Dealers of Justice.  This battle however left Diode City changed forever.  Now we fast forward to present day and Digby soon discovers that he is the grandson of one of the original Dealers of Justice, and he too possess powers that can be used to save the world.


As Digby and his friends soon find out the threat of the Vorlians is not so much a threat from just the past but has present day roots that are once again putting Diode City and the rest of the universe in danger.  As Digby starts to adjust to life as a Super Hero he begins building a team along the way.  Through chance encounters, time travel, and just your occassional Bad Guy turned good Digby as Atomic Terrier is well on his way creating his own team.  Along the way the retired Dealers of Justice are suddenly thrown back into the action and find that the spark for adventure never dies, and once re-awakened they are ready to server along with Atomic Terrier, Molly, and the rest of the gang to do what they can to stop the next threat that rises, even if those threats may be at times from within.


Josh Hughes has created a very cool Super Hero and a great story line that will tickle the funny bone as well as entice any super hero/scifi fan to stick around and see what’s next for our beloved cast.  Josh has a very fresh sense of humor that takes dramatic moments and gives them a comedic twist that helps to make even the villain one you like seeing around.  Each of the characters have their own wit and life that makes this team of misfits work perfectly together.   This is an all ages, family friendly comic that every kid from 2 to 100 will love getting into and being a part of.   The strip updates Mondays and Thursdays, and contains some 430+ strips in it’s archives.  Now I know that sounds like a lot of strips if your new to it, but I can guarantee once you start from the beginning and see some of the origin stories, meet the cast as they come together, and go along the many adventures with Atomic Terrier those 430+ strips will just fly by.


One of the things I really love about this comic is the family element.  We get to meet Digby and his Grandpa as the story unfolds, we then see them fighting side by side.  It doesn’t stop there as we meet Molly, then her Dad and soon her Mom and we start to see the different elements from their families that make the characters who they are.


Along the story lines we get to see flash backs to the glory days of The Dealers of Justice.  These little comics are a neat approach, drawn in a different format giving them that nostalgic look.


I encourage you to head on over and check out the wonderful world Josh Hughes has created with Atomic Terrier.


Make sure also to come back on November 18th to find out a little more about Josh Hughes as he takes on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month”.


Website: http://www.atomicterrier.com

Follow Josh Hughes on Twitter – @AtomicTerrier



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  1. Josh is a remarkable talent, and he’s crafted something really unique with Atomic Terrier. His character designs and gadgets are great fun and his action panels can’t be beat! Atomic Terrier brings real fun and a sense of wonder to webcomics. If you go back and read his archives, you’ll see the work of a consummate artist, one who is always pushing himself to experiment and play. You can truly see the fun he’s having! Go Josh, go Atomic Terrier!

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