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BOB_POTMWe see them every day, those cute little hairy animals, scurrying around collecting their food for the the winter, keeping their homes built up as best they can, yeah you know them as the bearded cartoonist.  Did you know they sometimes keep cartoon squirrels as pets? 🙂   This months Pick of the Month is Bob the Squirrel, one part ball of fur, one part philosopher, or shall we say Squirrelosopher.



Ever since Bob came into Frank’s life things have been, shall we say, a bit more interesting.  Imagine taking your creation that you’ve slaved over, groomed, loved and hated and suddenly it’s a part of your every day life.  Well that’s what Frank has done with Bob the Squirrel.  Bob has no censor either, I mean he’s a squirrel, and squirrels just do what they do throwing caution to the wind and putting themselves out there.  Some days I’m sure Frank would love to find a small muzzle for Bob, but no matter what they are and always will be there for each other.




Frank Page takes a very neat approach to his comic in that he contains some biographical material of his life, and things he’s going through.  Within the comic Frank finds living with his creation Bob the Squirrel to be challenging at times, but during those moments where he’s dealing with a severe funk and needs that annoying voice to take his mind off of things, there’s Bob ready to charge in with his mouth a blazing.




We get to experience the ups and downs of life as an artist and cartoonist.  Frank allows us to see himself during his highs and lows, and along the way Bob is there to root him on…well he’s there. 🙂  Frank Page brings us a daily strip, and has for many, many years which is not an easy thing to do, ask any artist.  Each strip takes us through the life of Bob and Frank as we navigate the pitfalls of life, enjoy the mountain tops and creep through the darkness of the valleys with them.  Inspiration for the strip is pulled from Frank Page’s own life which in itself is a very brave approach.  Frank’s comic leaves us daily longing for the next day so we can come back and find out what’s next in their lives.

As you dig into the comic you will find you will become quickly invested in the lives of Frank and Bob, and the other members they meet along the way.  Bob’s wit is always there to make the best of any situation, adding that comical relief in those tense moments, and sometimes just saying what we all have thought.  That’s the great part about life as squirrel, there’s only truths, you like ’em or you don’t.

There are many days I wish I had a Bob in my life to bring me out of those moments where just a little sass could pull me back on track, and thankfully with Frank’s contribution each day with another installment of Bob the Squirrel we do.   It’s not always an inspirational word, heck it’s probably never gonna be, but by golly Bob’s always there, through thick and thin.



I have been reading Frank Pages work for a long time on Go Comics and have within the last year finally added him and Bob to my twitter follows, and I encourage you new readers to check out his website and Go Comics, add him and Bob to your followers on twitter, and when you have time dig through some of the archives to see how these characters have grown.   Not to mention you’ll see the more sensitive side of Bob, OK maybe that’s a lie, but you’ll definitely get to see more of Bob. 🙂



On the Bob the Squirrel website you get to partake in some deep thoughts with installments of Squirellosphy, as only Bob can bring you.



So new readers, head on over and check out Bob the Squirrel, you’ll find like me once you start down the road with that little fur ball you’ll be hooked and looking forward to the next days installment.  Come back on August 19th as creator Frank Page tackles our “10 Questions” at the Webcomic Alliance, giving you the reader a chance to know a little more about the creator.


Website: http://www.bobthesquirrel.com/

GoComics: http://www.gocomics.com/bobthesquirrel

Squirrelosophy: http://www.squirrelosophy.com/

Frank Page on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/frankpage

Bob the Squirrel on Twitter:  https://twitter.com/btsquirrel


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  1. Bob is the first thing I read each morning, starts my day of with a grin and sometimes a big laugh. I raise orphan baby squirrels and release then back in the trees and I do see a lot of real squirrel in Bob. 😉

    • I know Bob will be glad to hear about your Squirrel raise and release program, well that is unless they start trying to get into his peanut butter stash. 🙂 Bob the Squirrel has been a daily part of my reading for quite some time, your right its definitely a great way to start off the day. Frank really pulls out a lot of personal stuff sometimes in the strip, and I think that’s very brave of him. I think that’s probably one of the reasons Bob the Squirrel resonates with the readers is that they really feel close to Frank through the strip. Bob serves as such a contrast to Franks thoughts and emotions at times, but through that really pushes him forward. Such a fun duo.

    • Thank you Tim. Bob the Squirrel is such a great comic, and to see the biographical references that Frank puts in there really connects you to him. I just love the style as well.

    • That’s awesome to hear Tom! I know you’ll enjoy it. When you get time you should dig through the archives, it’s so great to see the development of the characters, and seeing the outlet Frank used as he went through the different phases of his life. I have really enjoyed Bob the Squirrel for quite some time, and I’m so glad to hear that a new reader has started enjoying it as well.

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