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Cloudscratcher takes you right into the heat of the battle with the first comic, opening the first chapter with a KA-THOOM!! and throwing you the reader right into the middle of the conflict with the Margoth Empire.  We meet along the way the motley crew that makes up the Cloudscratcher, some that have been fighting the Empire for sometime and some, such as Ixia who after a long enduring time with the Empire has decided to fight against them for the first time.

This is one of those comics that is visually stunning as well as the story is so captivating you find yourself instantly drawn into this exciting high flying world.


The war with the Empire takes the Cloudscratcher crew all across the world, and along the way we watch as new friendships grow, and we see the action from both sides.  Our two main characters along this journey are Felix O’Connel and Ixia.

Felix is a young brave mechanic for the Cloudscratcher crew, who makes up for his size with his optimism in the face of any obstacle they may face.

Ixia on the other hand is new to the crew and served many years under the thumb of the Margoth Empire.  She was drafted at a very young age into the Imperial Military and trained to be one of their finest killing machines.  Despite the hardships she endured she continued holding onto her innocence and sweetness and vowed to one day put her training to use taking down the Empire.  Now she has that chance, and when faced with conflict she definitely continues to prove herself worth of the Cloudscratcher crew again and again.


Codey Baier is the creator of this fantastic adventure series, creating each page by hand, scanning it in, coloring it in Photoshop, and lettering it in Illustrator.  The comic updates with a new batch of pages every Sunday.  Cody works to keep this an all ages comic, keeping he language G-Rated, blood shed only when needed, and the action…well the action is always there, it’s a war comic, so get ready for some high flying, adrenaline pumping fun.

The comic itself is broken into two Episodes currently, with 4 Chapters in Episode 1, and Chapters 5 through 7 currently in Episode 2.   There is a lot to take in through the Archives, and as I always say with these monthly posts, the archives are definitely the way to get started.  I always think of the archives when it comes to a new comic as having a DVR full of a show I’m eager to see, the creator has filled your DVR for you in advance, so jump in there and start from the beginning.  There are so many eclectic characters in this series that you will definitely benefit from the archives for sure with this one.


Be sure to check out Cloudscratcher and come back later this month for the POTM: 10 Questions and get to know Cody Baier a little bit more.  Speaking of getting to know Cody check out the links below to follow him on twitter.

Follow Cody Baier on twitter – @LordShmeckie

Website: www.cloudscratcher.com



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