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WA_headerSomewhere between Heaven and Hell is Crosstown.  After death you find yourself here redeeming yourself if you choose to and trying to buy your way into Heaven by working off days from your Cryptic.  How many days depends on how you were in life, and as John, the main character, will tell you getting those days off is no easy task.


Life has a funny way of ENDING ABRUPTLY and that’s where we find John, happy one moment and the next thrust into the midst of Crosstown.  John soon realizes that redeeming himself and moving out of Crosstown is not going to be an easy task to complete.  From the beginning Crosstown’s welcoming committee are quick to set John on his course to hopefully one day earn his way out of here and into Heaven, but it’s going to be one Hell of a task doing so.


With each task taking more and more time off his Cryptic John soon’s find that there’s not much he won’t do in order to finally one day get out of Crosstown. So how much can one person take before they crack under the pressure and just give up? Well John’s on a one way course to find out.


A lawyer in life his abilities are soon something that is of use in Crosstown, but those abilities can only get him so far.   So if he wants to get out of here and see those pearly gates he’ll need to clear that cryptic and as John is finding out the tasks that take the most off are not the ones you easily volunteer for.  As events unfold and despair sets in John makes a discovery that will set things in motion that neither he, nor anyone in Heaven or Hell could imagine would ever happen. But I’m not going to spoil that, you need to read to find out.


Adam Pilkington and Ryan Turcotte have taken a very cool approach to the concept of limbo, that place between Heaven and Hell.  With Crosstown they have created a world full of all sorts of possibilities, and no topic is offline when it comes to things someone might do to remove those days.  This is definitely not an all ages comic, and sometimes borders on the edge of NSFW, but this is Crosstown after all and bunnies and roses aren’t going to get those days off that cryptic.

The artwork is ever evolving, as Adam put it “So…yeah.  Consistency apparently isn’t my thing.” But it is a new comic and one that is growing.  I personally love the rough look of the artwork, that finished yet unfinished blend.  The color blends in the background across the screen bring a life of it own into the work as an element that becomes as much of the world of Crosstown as the characters are. Ryan scripts an incredible story line and dialog that holds no punches back. Ryan is a comedy writer and that is very evident in the sarcasm and irreverence that is brought in to Crosstown, but it’s of such that without it Crosstown just wouldn’t be the same. These two guys have an awesome collaboration going that makes this a really fun strip to stay up with.

So before you find yourself in the afterlife head over and check out Crosstown if you haven’t already and if you have, then share, share, share this series with your friends and family.  Who knows, one day you may find yourself in Crosstown with less days to take off your Cryptic just because you shared Adam and Ryan’s work in this life.

Be sure to come back on June 17 to get a chance to know a little more about the creators as they answer our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month”.

Website: http://crosstowncomic.com/

Follow Adam Pilkington on Twitter –@GiantPlaidMonk

Follow Ryan Turcotte on Twitter – @CrosstownJohn

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  1. Super rad of you guys to post this great writeup. Don’t think I’ll ever get tired of saying thanks for this. We’ll be sure to put in a good word with the big guy for Todd especially – should be worth a few hundred years, easy 🙂

    And thanks Pat!

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