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Deep below the surface of the water there are things lurking that mere mortal men would run in fear of, but not the crew of the Custer, for fear is not the ways of the Deep Dive Daredevils. Being led by Captain J.W. Custer, who has really become one with his ship, the crew consists of some of the toughest and smartest men that ever sailed the seven seas. As we meet the crew we find one very adventurous kid Joe and his loyal dog Cup. Found on open water adrift, and taken aboard Joe quickly becomes part of the crew, serving as first mate he embodies all that is part of being a Deep Dive Daredevil, never backing away from danger and always prepared to dive in head first to what ever awaits them.


Deep Dive Daredevils is sort of a cross between The Adventures of Tintin and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  The perspective of the strip centers mainly around Joe and Cup, but each of the crew members are just as important and serve such a strong role in keeping the ship and the rest of the crew safe through each harrowing adventure. The crew of the Custer find themselves regularly face to face with mystical and criminal enemies, both on land and below. Whether they are trying to please a sea goddess or get away from a dock gang through the streets of New Orleans, you better rest assured there will be plenty of action and adventure and this crew is up for it all.  The style is captivating from the moment you start, with such bold colors and intricate detail work, these guys definitely put their heart and soul into this work, it’s a true labor of love that we readers are fortunate to have shared with us.


I’m a huge fan of the collaboration comics and Deep Dive Daredevils is one that captured my attention and turned me into a fan the first day I found it. The Thre315ive (Three One Five) have some awesome crew mates collaborating to make Deep Dive Daredevils what it is.

Writing by: Matt Heistand, Dan Fifield and Evin Dempsey

Art by: Danilo Guida (Secret of the Beaufort Sea and Pitch Black Day) and Smilton Klaassen (The Cajun Caper)

The Three One Five crew creates an exciting comic series that gives you that serial adventure comic feel from the past, taking us to locals and settings we could never imagine. The writers and artists breathe life into one very action filled comic series, and they don’t stop there with pulling the reader in.  They have created a very interactive environment that has you the reader in mind.  Through the membership tab  it allows you to expand that interaction with Top Secret Dossiers and codes to crack to reveal sneak peaks and other treats. Deep Dive Daredevils definitely has the reader in mind and it shows.


Deep Dive Daredevils is guaranteed to be a fun adventure for any reader, so head on over and check it out today. While there don’t forget to join as a member, take the oath and let the adventure begin.

Make sure to come back on May 20th as the creators of Deep Dive Daredevils answer our “10 Questions” for the Pick of the Month.  This will be a cool way to get to know each of them a little bit better.

Website: http://deepdivedaredevils.com

Follow The Three One Five on Twitter.


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    • Definitely and the story telling is just as great. The collaboration effort in this series is amazing. Come back on the 20th as the Deep Dive Daredevils group answers our “10 Questions” to get to know them a little more, and keep enjoying Deep Dive Daredevils and share it with your friends.

    • Thanks, Bill!

      Danilo really is an amazing artist, and we’re so thankful to be working with him on Deep Dive Daredevils.

      And, Many thanks to Todd for an AMAZING write-up!

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