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Back in April of this year a gift was brought to a cat named Sam, and a gift was brought to all of us, a new comic by Steve Ogden, Doctor Magnifico.  As for Sam, the gift of a new cat, Nina, was not exactly what he hoped for.  But for the rest of us that gift started off a series that continues to showcase the drawing and writing talents of Steve Ogden that those of us familiar with his work have continued to love.  Those of you new to Steve’s work are going to absolutely enjoy this new comic, I guarantee.  So let’s take some time and unbox this new comic and see what Doctor Magnifico is all about.

0002LoseTheWeight2One of the neat things about this comic is that it is semi-autobiographical, inspired by Steve’s life, in particular his two cats that continue to allow him to live with them as long as food is provided, and the litter box is emptied when demanded.

The titled character Doctor Magnifico is a frustrated artist who is trying to find that niche that sets him apart from everyone else, while trying to keep a grip on reality as he from time to time slips into a fantasy world of his own creations.  Along the way Sam and Nina provide those words of wisdom to help him with his career, love life and what ever else they care to make themselves involved in.




Steve Ogden has created many wonderful comics in the past such as Moon Town and Croaker’s Gorge, and with each one we get to see a sense of his personality come through and a glimpse of his creative mind.  With the Doctor Magnifico comic he pulls back the curtain just a bit to give us a glimpse of his inner thoughts, frustrations, and life with two fur balls at polar opposites of the spectrum from each other, keeping his life a bit more interesting.  As we see in the strip Sam and Nina are always up for helping our titled character find his way through the trenches of life, in their own unique way.





One of the things that always grabs me about Steve’s work is the line work, the shading and the details he puts into his stuff.  He makes it seem so flawless, you can tell everything he produces is a labor of love.  Steve has always amazed me personally with his drawing and writing skills and taking a crack at a semi-autobiographical comic is often a difficult challenge for most and once again Steve does what he does best, and creates a combination of wit and charm that weaves a tale and shares a story that for some of us is relate-able, and for all of us is just extremely fun.

Doctor Magnifico updates on Tuesdays and Thursdays and has been online since April 2014, so the archives are not so large that jumping on board and riding this fun train from strip one to get caught up is not unimaginable.  What is unimaginable however is not making this comic a part of your weekly routine.  You will find that once you start in with this comic you’ll be looking forward to the next installment.  So what are you waiting for, go check it out today.

Make sure to come back on October 20th when Steve will take on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month” here at the Webcomic Alliance.  Also make sure to check out our other articles on the site.  There are great podcasts, helpful tips and other articles that we know you’ll get a lot out of.

Website: http://steveogden.com/magnifico/

Follow Steve on Twitter – @SteveOgdenArt

Add him to your Circles on Google+ – +Steve Ogden



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  1. Wow! This is very nice of you, and I’ll try to live up to all those nice things you said. I’m honored to be featured among such luminaries here at WA.

    I really appreciate the help getting the word out!



  2. Steve you continue to be amazing time after time with your work, it is an honor for us to be able to have you share your talent with us weekly with your comics, your art, and to have you be engaged with us on different social sites. It’s our pleasure to put the spotlight on this fun comic you have created and we hope that this helps to bring new readers to not only this comic but expose them to the rest of your work as well. We are so glad you enjoyed the write up.

    -Todd McElmurry
    Contributor for the Webcomic Alliance

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