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Don’t Pick the Flowers is one of those great comics that remind us that it’s OK to be unique.  It follows the lives of Suzanne, her brother Vincent and their pet duck named, well none other than Duck.  Suzanne and Vincent are your typical brother and sister, picking at each other most of the time, but there to stand up for each other when needed.   Then that brings us to Duck, he can be a bit sarcastic, never afraid to speak his mind…good thing they can’t hear him, and a nice balance to the duo.

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Along they way we get to meet their friends, Claudia and Julian; Suzanne’s arch nemesis Edwin, and Bob who Claudia is really crushing on, but is determined to get Suzanne together with.  Suzanne and Edwin are both very excelled at Science and often their experiments will get a little crazy, especially when they try to out do one another.  When it comes to school Suzanne and Vincent approach it from different perspectives, Suzanne is eager to learn and grow while Vincent finds himself constantly worrying about making new friends and fitting in.

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David Hurley has created a wonderful comic that explores the battles kids face at that awkward age where independence and self worth start to be experienced on a daily basis.  All kids long to fit in, to be a part of something but yet at the same time you have to embrace who you are as an individual and we see that a lot with Suzanne, who serves as a great role model to her brother and friends about the power of just being you.

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There is so much fun with this comic if you have not checked it out yet definitely do so and add it to your favorites list, follow Davids tweets and make sure to add David to your Google+ Circles.  With updates on Monday, Wednesday and Friday this comic is a great way to keep you smiling all through the week.


Make sure to come back on September  15th as David takes on our “10 Questions for the Pick of the Month” which is a great way to get to know David a little better.  Also make sure to go check out Don’t Pick the Flowers.  You won’t be disappointed, and look for the flower in each comic strip, it’s a fun little easter egg.

Website: http://www.dontpicktheflowers.com/

Follow David Hurley on Twitter – @david_hurley

Add David to your Circles on Google+ –  +David Hurley

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  1. I love David’s work! He has such a fantastic imagination and his art is so inventive and colorful! I adore his characters – they’re awkward, quirky, shy, a bit on the outside. David injects such humanity into each of them, including Duck, his aviator-capped waterfowl. You never know what scientific experiment might go awry, what simple activity will become remarkable, or what new friendship will blossom in Don’t Pick the Flowers. I say DO pick Don’t Pick the Flowers, there’s a bouquet of joy just waiting for you!

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